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Welcome to the My Big Friend Games category, a page of games so awesome you can’t find in many other places, so we really hope that every one of you on this page will give its games a go right away, and see for yourselves why we have added them here in the first place!

The My Big Friend Games category was created in 26.07.2019 and from there we added more than 4 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 0 times and the best game from My Big Friend Games it's My Big Friend Memory.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 02.08.2019 which it's My Big Friend Differences.

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Here on our website we are always trying to make our content as diverse as possible, and we are also making our website an international one, which is the reason why so many interesting categories from all over the world are being brought over here for you to play new and interesting games in them, just like it is the case right now, when we want to invite all of our visitors on the page that they are in this moment, the My Big Friend Games category, which is based upon a Brazilian and Canadian show which is more popular in Latin American countries, but has also aired in other places too, so we figure that there should be quite a lot of interest in these games. Of course, just like with any other category of our website, you don’t necessarily need to have seen the show to enjoy the games on its page, since they are fun on their own, because they are mostly puzzle games, differences games, memory games, and coloring games, and it is easy to understand this format no matter where you are from or what your background is, and if such games feature images from awesome shows such as My Big Friend, they are even better. Now, if you belong to the wide category of people who have already seen the show and just want to play awesome games with these characters, we recommend you do it right away because there is nothing that should be holding you back. You might have some curiosities in case you have never seen the show, and if you want to know more about its story and characters before you decide to check out the games, well, you simply have to read this article to the end, where further next we provide you with all of the details you might need. Yuri, Lili, and Matt are the three protagonists of the show, each of them being young children who have imaginary friends whom they call ’My Big Friend’, each of them different, because each child is in another way, meaning that their imagination is also unlike the others. While the imaginary friends they have cannot be seen by adults and other children, the three friends can see each other’s imaginary friend, making the interactions between them very interesting and fun. Yuri is the youngest of the three, being five years old, who is very smart for his age and can be lonely at times because he is an only child, but that also makes him quite independent. Golias is his imaginary friend, a large blue elephant who is affectionate and loves to dress up. Lili is almost six, and she is often caught speaking before she thinks of something. She often takes the role of a leader in her group of friends, because she is a leader at home, where she has three younger siblings of whom she takes a lot of care and looks after them. Her imaginary friend is called Nessa, who is a pink giraffe who makes friends with anyone she meets immediately and solves any conflict that might appear. Matt, who is seven, is the sports guy of the bunch, curious and full of energy in everything that he does. Of course, he often gets in trouble because of this, but things always work out in the end. He has an imaginary friend as well, a green kangaroo by the name of Bongo, who is very funny and energetic, and always wants to be in the center of attention. As you can see, with such a diverse and interesting bunch of characters, there was no way that this show would not have gathered a lot of fans over the years that it has been on television, and we have no doubt at all that it will continue doing so for a long while, as we don’t see the show disappearing any time soon. Now that you also know so much about this world, nothing should be holding you back from starting to play our friv My Big Friend Games online right at this moment, especially since you won’t find any better ones anywhere else. Also, remember to invite friends over, not just to play games from this page, but from any other of our friv categories, all filled with great content for everyone!