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Mysticons Games is one of the latest Nickelodeon Games categories on, and it is one which you should not miss! Only by playing Mysticons Games can you go into a world full of dragons, orcs, knights, and together with four heroines, battle all the forces of evil!

The Mysticons Games category was created in 11.05.2016 and from there we added more than 13 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 115 times and the best game from Mysticons Games it's Emi's Mayhem.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 14.03.2019 which it's Mysticons Choko Say.

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The Mysticons Games category is one of the latest Nickelodeon Games categories which we have created for you on our website, and it is a very special category which we know that you should check out! If you are reading this in 2016, then maybe you really do not know many things about the Mysticons Games and the show that it is based on, but if you are reading this in 2017, then you came here because you love this show a lot, and want to be able to play games with your new favorite characters. We know that the lines we have written here might seem wierd, but that is because the team of started creating the Mysticons Games category and adding games in it as soon as we heard that this series is in production. That is because we want our website to be able to provide you with new games everyday, and we are very interested in the future of animation shows and the games based on. We think that you are grateful that we created the Mysticons Games category, and that we have added these games for you, because as soon as the first episode airs, you can start playing new games based on this animated show. Now, because we want you to be familiar with the Mysticons Games category and the games in it, we are going to explain to you some things about this show, it's premise and characters, so that you can play it with no worries. You may not know this, but the show is based on a trading card game series, with the same name, which is very popular. At first, the show was made to be targeted to boys, but that has changed, and now it is targeted primarily at girls, and the show will feature an all-girl team of main characters. These four girls live an apparently usual life, until one they, when they have to get into the shoes of the Mysticons, a team of heroines which is legendary. They become these heroes once they discover an ancient tome, and with that, they leave behind their normal life in which they just did homework, sports, or other regular activities. In this new role, the Mysticons fight dragons, evil knights and orcs. The forces of evil are ruled by three villains, who want to eradicate mankind. The Mysticons each have a different ability, have a weapon of choice, and they are coloured differently: yellow, green, purple and red. As you can see, this is a very interesting world, a world in which you can now also take part, by playing the Mysticons Games which we have added and which we will add for you in the future also. Puzzle games, coloring games, or whatever kind of game in the Mysticons Games need to be checked out, as they are very easy and fun to play! Remember to invite your friends to also play fun Mysticons Games, only here on!