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The Oggy and the Cockroaches Games category was created in 29.11.2017 and from there we added more than 16 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 255 times and the best game from Oggy and the Cockroaches Games it's Oggy Moshi.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 06.12.2017 which it's Oggy and the Cockroaches Bike.

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Oggy and the Cockroaches Games is a brand new category of games we are very happy we have managed to create on our website, since we know for a fact that there are plenty of these games currently available on the internet, all of them really awesome and really fun, so of course that it is worth our time and work put in to create this category, as we want to make sure that on you will get the chance of finding the best collection of Oggy and the Cockroaches Games, just like you find the best version of any other category on our website. Now, one of the main reasons why we wanted to have a category of Oggy and the Cockroaches Games is because while the show does not air on television in the US, but is instead available on Netflix, these cartoons are being aired all over the world, and are very popular in many places, with the show being primarily produced for France, after which it has made it’s way to the televisions sets of people from all over the world as well. The series has been running ever since 1998, having so far a total of 90 episodes through six seasons, and each episode has multiple segments, amounting for a total of269. We have seen some of them online, really enjoyed them, so we see where the appeal for the show is all over the world. We have noticed that many websites that also have Oggy and the Cockroaches Games do not have such a great variety of these games, and not so many of them, which is why we have created it, as we want to make sure that the fans of this show finally have a place where they can have fun with their favorite characters to their heart’s content. Of course, this page is going to contain both Oggy and the Cockroaches Games that are original and created by the team responsible for original games, but there are also going to be plenty of fan-made games, making for an awesome mixture, and for the opportunity of having fun in all sorts of different ways. Now, in case you have never heard about this show before, but you would want to learn more about it before you start getting into the games based by it, you need to read the next part of this description, where we are going to tell you what the focus of the story is, who are the characters in it, and finally we are going to tell you about what kinds of games you will be able to find and play here for free, and we have no doubt at all that you are going to really like what you see. Oggy is a blue cat who would love to spend his days watching television and eating, but he can’t really do it since there are three roaches in his house bothering him all the time: Joey, Dee Dee, and Marky. These roaches seem to love making trouble for Oggy, as they always are cooking up some kind of scheme to disturb his days, and Oggy most of the time falls into the traps, having all sorts of adventures, adventures in which he is sometimes joined by all sorts of creatures. The constant battles between Oggy and the three roaches are what cause the many comedic moments that the show has, with the show rarely using speech, as most of the gags are of a visual nature, which is probably what made this show go on for such a long time, and this shows that sometimes the simpler a concept, the better it is. The fact that it has been around almost two decades now, and that it is broadcast in multiple parts of the world is proof that this is an awesome show, just like it is a proof that the games based on it are also awesome. Next up we are going to tell you about what kinds of games you will find here, since you must be curious. Well, the category is rather unique, containing skill games, tetris games, matching games, bike games, adventure games, puzzle games, and many others, so there is no way that you are not going to find games to your liking on this page, no matter what your tastes in online games are. Well, with everything that we have written here so far, we highly doubt it that we have not made you interested in playing these games, which we certainly hope that you are going to do right here and now! Since you are now going to be done reading this description, do it, and also, do not hesitate to share this page with all of your friends, so that they also have the opportunity of playing these awesome games!