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We are really happy that we have a category of Old Games on our website, since we are sure that there are lots of fans of Retro Games online out there, who are surely going to be very glad that on our website they get to find such games, and all of them are going to be in one place, easy for you to find.

The Old Games category was created in 29.12.2017 and from there we added more than 19 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 2 times and the best game from Old Games it's Moorhuhn Invasion.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 10.08.2019 which it's Metal Slug Remake .

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Old Games, or Retro Games, if you want, is a fantastic new category of games we are very happy we have gotten the chance to create for our website, which was honestly in dire need of such a category, since we like to have content as diverse and as interesting as possible, which means that on our website we have games from now, the newest games that appear on the internet, but at the same time we also make sure to look back, and also bring you older games, which might have come out many years ago, or they simply have that look in them, like they would be Old Games. Well, now, you do not need to scatter all over the website to find them, since we know we have thousands of games, so that would be pretty hard, as you only need to go to the categories page on our website, and then select the Old Games page, where you are going to find all of these games, brought together, so it is now more easier than ever to find them, and play them as well. Something tells us that this category of Old Games is going to become very appreciated on our website, especially since we are not sure that there are many other websites out there that have it, so our place is going to be a destination for those who enjoy playing online Retro Games. We are proud of the addition of this category, and we really hope that it is going to be able to bring joy to those who play games from it for the years to come, just like these older games have done for so many years, and we are sure that they are going to continue doing so. There’s really not much to be said about such games. They have older looking graphics, which should not be a problem, really, since gameplay is just as important, and in the world of online games, the gameplay aspect of games has not revolutionized that much, so we are sure that when you play a game from this page you will have no trouble at all in doing so, and things will not appear foreign at all. Another thing that would put a game into this category is definitely the show that it is based upon, it if is such a game, since there are quite a few shows out there who have not been on the air for a long time, but when they were, there were online games created for them, which are still available, so those kinds of games are definitely going to make their way here as well. Of course, some of these games are not based on shows, but are rather original, and we recommend those as well, maybe even more, since we always seem to have quite a jolly time playing them. Now, we are going to offer you some titles of Old Games you are going to find on this page, so surely you will become even more interested after reading about them. Some of the games you will find here are called: Marvel Tribute, so we have super heroes games, Moorhuhn Invasion, which is one of the best action games of the category, The Smurfs: Greedy Bakery, and Mickey Apple Garden, so expect some really fun skill games, and let’s not forget about The 40’s Fashion Creator, since dress up games usually find their way in almost all categories, so why would there not be at least one of these games here as well. Now, after reading about the titles and the types of games that you will be able to find on this page, we hope that you will not miss the opportunity of playing them, but instead give them a chance immediately, and we are sure that once you are done playing even one of these games, you will be content that you have made this decision, and only go on and play even more games from this page, which we highly recommend to everyone! With that being said, everything that we wanted to share about this category has now been told, so our job here is done, so it is now your turn, with your purpose should be to start playing these games right now, and find yourself in a new and fantastical world! If you become fans of these Old Games, make sure to come back to our website daily, because you can’t know when we are going to revisit the category and bring new content and new life into it, which is what we do with almost all of our categories, which is how our website remains fresh day by day, and it is filled with such a large variety of awesome games for everyone to play!