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Paw Patrol Games is one of our favorite Nick Jr Games categories on our website. Why? Because playing Paw Patrol Games will make you learn new things while going on fun adventures with some of the most adorable puppies in the world. Wait no more and start playing the games right now!

The Paw Patrol Games category was created in 24.04.2016 and from there we added more than 138 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 944 times and the best game from Paw Patrol Games it's PAW Patrol Adventure Bay Missions.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 28.03.2020 which it's Paw Patrol Pop and Spell.

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Next on Friv Games Today we have the pleasure of offering you a new games category which we are sure that you are going to love a lot, and that is the Paw Patrol Games category, which is the latest Nick Jr Games category that we have created especially for you. Since Paw Patrol started airing it has already had three seasons filled with some of the most fun and interesting episodes, where the Paw Patrol did a lot of rescuing, and had many fun adventures. Now, on our webiste, you have the chance of going on the adventures yourself, which you can only do by playing the fun Paw Patrol Games from our website! Maybe you are wondering who are the Paw Patrol and why are we praising the Paw Patrol Games category so much? Well, if you are not familiar with this show, let us convince you next about why you should watch it, but even more so, why you should go ahead and start playing the fun games that you can find on this page right now! Paw Patrol is an CG animated series airing on Nick Jr, which features a group of puppies which are led by an inteligent kid, who go on different kind of missions, as they are policemen, firemen, or others. The members of the Paw Patrol are Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, and Skye, and their leader is the fearless boy named Ryder. They live in the Adventure Bay community, where they do their best to make a success out of all their rescue missions. They are equipped with vehicles for interventions, and each of them has a bag full of helpful items which they use in their missions. Now, let's tell you some fun facts about the members of the Paw Patrol, with which you are going to play our fun and free Paw Patrol Games. Ryder is the leader and the teacher of the pups, who is always ready for action. Chase is the police dog of the group, always there to maintain order. Marshall is a clumsy dog, but who is a very good fire dog, putting out all fires. Skye is a girl dog, who is the pilot of the group. Rocky handles recycling, and Rubbles does construction. There is also Zuma, who is the life-guard, and the newest member of the Patrol, Everst, who handles everything about the snow and mountain situations. Well, now you know the lovable characters which you are going to find in the Paw Patrol Games category, and now let us tell you about some of the games here. You are going to play matching games, you are going to put out fires, you are going to save a farm, save friends, go to the training academy, or more simple things like solving puzzles, coloring the characters, or playing bejeweled games or memory games, and many others. All you have to do now is start browsing the Paw Patrol Games that you can find on top of this description, pick the one you are more interested in, and start playing it to have fun with the Paw Patrol!