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It is with great joy that right now we present to you the Pet Games category, as we are positive it is going to become one of the most popular categories of games with animals on our website, where chances are very high that you are going to have a wonderful time, which is the same thing we can say of our own experience with it!

The Pet Games category was created in 14.09.2018 and from there we added more than 108 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 38 times and the best game from Pet Games it's Cute Pets Caring And Dressup.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 01.04.2020 which it's MiniCat Fisher.

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On Friv Games Today you now find yourself on the Pet Games category, which is without a doubt one of the most beloved categories of games for children we have here, whether we are talking about games for girls or games for boys, since kids everywhere really love animals, so it is not at all surprising that so many online games with pets are available for people to play. Ever since online games have existed and have been available, pets have been in them, and in this day there are so many awesome games like this that we knew we had to create this page for our website, and in it bring you the best of them that are out there! We always bring the best games to our website, no matter the category, which is why we believe we are the best website for you to find and play online games! Now, as you might already know, we already have a category of animal games, and there are going to be plenty of games that are going to be available in both of these pages, only there are some that go only in one. Obvious, no? Animals come in all sorts of types, as we have for example farm animals, pet animals, or wild animals. The ones that this category of animals games focuses on our pets, which are animals that have been domesticized so that they stay around humans, with cats and dogs being the prime example, although in recent times, pets come in different species as well, such as pet snakes, pet reptiles, pet bunnies, pet chickens, pet pigs, and more. These are animals that need to be taken care of by humans, since they are in a human environment, and they would not be able to live without our help. Now, in this following part of the description we tell you more about what sorts of games will be available on this page, and we are positive that after reading about them all, you are going to waste no time at all, and immediately start playing the games and having fun, like we believe can only be possible on our website. Now, most of the games on this page you will see are pet caring games, or pet care games, as they can also be called. Pets need to be taken care of like we mentioned, so in these games you feed them, you wash them, you play with them, groom them, and more, making sure that their happiness levels stay up all the time. Of course, there are pets games out there that focus only on one of these aspects, so expect to find plenty of pet feeding games, pet washing games, pet grooming, or pet playing games, and we recommend those as much as possible too! Another very popular type of game you will find here are pet doctor games, or pet vet games, which are games where you play the role of animal doctor, using the tools and medicine made available to you to take care of these injured pets, so that they are no longer hurting, and that they can continue being friends to their owners. Pet shop games are also popular, because there are many of these places out there, where you can buy a pet from, and your task in them is to sell as many as possible. Very similar are pet hotel games, which are games where you take care of pets that are left by their owners for a day or two, or even more sometimes because they are away and cannot take care of them, and make sure that they keep happy at your facility. As you can see, plenty of things can be done with pets in these online games, and the chances are very high that you will have a terrific time with each and every game we bring here, since we have made sure to bring only the best, since we want only the best for our visitors, no matter the category! Now that you have learned all there is to be learned about it, we hope that there will be nothing standing in your way of playing the games right away, and having fun like only here is possible! When you are done with these games, do not hesitate to check out what other amazing categories we offer our visitors, since plenty are available, and you should definitely be inviting your friends to our website. If they do not know about it, it means that they are going to discover a whole new world of fun, where something tells us that they are going to have an amazing time, and it would be a real shame not to show them the possibilities!