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The Plum Landing Games category was created in 28.05.2018 and from there we added more than 1 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 1 times and the best game from Plum Landing Games it's Wild City Search.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 28.05.2018 which it's Wild City Search.

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You are all right now welcomed to the Plum Landing Games category, which is the latest category of PBS Kids that we have created for our website, which we have seen cannot be found on other websites such as ours, which once again proves that we are not like all of the other websites, as we are always in the pursuit of offering you original and unique content, in the form of games that are really fun, but at the same time you cannot find on many other websites, making lots of children very happy, no doubt about it. Recently we have started to look towards animated series that are not as known as many others are, because we want to offer games that no one else has, and becasue we know that the fans of those shows might be sad that there is not a place that offers them awesome online games with their favorite characters. Well, as for Plum Landing Games, that is no longer the case, as this category is now available on our website, and in it you will be able to find plenty of awesome and fun online games, none of them to be missed out on, trust us on that! If you are already fans of this show, then we are sure that you are on this page precisely because of that reason, and that you are not going to waste any time at all, but start playing these awesome games right away, and have fun like you can have only on our website. For the rest of you, you might be here not knowing anything about this world, and also, not knowing why you should bother with these games in the first place, since you have no prior connection with this world. Well, if you are fans of our website for a long time, then you must know that the games we add we add becasue we have faith in them, and we know for a fact that if you try them out, you will have an awesome time with them, since that was the case for us. If you need more convincing, as you might be visiting our website for the first time, then we invite you all to continue reading the description to the end, from which you will learn what the show is about, who it is about, and finally, you are also going to learn what kinds of online Plum Landing Games you will be able to play here for free! Well, first of all, we shall tell you what is the purpose of this show, as most shows for preschool children now have educational purposes as well, and this one aims to teach the children about the environment, and how important it is to take care of it, as well as how to do it. In what manner? Well, let’s see! The show follows the adventures of Plum, who designs games on the distant planet of Planet Blorb, an emtpy place, where he wants to experience nature. To do that, he comes down to Earth using a spaceship, where he befriends five humans with whom he goes on all sorts of adventures, experiencing the world around him. They are called Clem, Oliver, Gabi, Brad, and Cooper, and these kids always join Plum on all sorts of adventures, where he takes them in different places on Earth, where they would not usually be able to get to, but they can now, since they have the help of an alien such as Plum, and his varied technology. That is what you are also going to do by playing online Plum Landing Games, as with them you get to interact with the environment directly, so you will be playing lots of adventure games, animal games, skill games, interactive games, creativity games, thinking games, logical games, and puzzle games and more. We have a feeling that no matter what your tastes in online games are, you will still be able to easily find games to your liking on this page, and that you are going to have a tremendously fun time with each of them. When you are done with the games on this page, remember that Plum Landing Games is just one of hundreds categories from our website, each one with games more interesting than the other, so we recommend you browse our website and find as many new awesome games to play, never ever letting yourself get bored, which is not something that can easily happen in a world as amazing as that of our website’s. Now, we also hope that you are going to come back to our website daily, since every day we bring you lots of great games, none of them to be missed out on, trust us on that!