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Start playing Pokemon Go Games right now, only on, the place where fun never stops! In this category we have added and we plan to continue adding as many interesting and very fun Pokemon Games, where you can hunt pokemon, battle other trainers, evolve your pokemon, and try to catch them all!

The Pokemon Go Games category was created in 21.07.2016 and from there we added more than 64 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 476 times and the best game from Pokemon Go Games it's Pokemon Crush.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 19.08.2019 which it's Pokemon Unified Minds.

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In 2016, one of the most popular mobile app, if not the most popular, is without a doubt Pokemon Go, which is the application that finally allows people all over the world to try and catch them all, and be the pokemon trainer they always dreamt to be! It is known that Pokemon is one of the most recognized anime in the entire world, as it has been shown in countless countries, and the cartoons are still running after decades. If you are lookikng for download pokemon go game, you have to stop and to play here, online, because on Friv-Games-Today you will be able to play pokemon go online! If you didn't know, Pokemon started as a game series, which is still is, with mainly games for handheld consoles, and new versions are coming up each yer. Well, in 2016, something special happened, and that was Pokemon Go, which is an app which allows you to search for pokemon in real life, using your mobile phone, and since we know how popular this is, we had to create the Pokemon Go Games category, where we plan to add interesting and fun games based on the app, but also regular Pokemon Games, since we know that you would love to play them. An interesting thing is that our main visitors are from Spain, so, here you can find the best juegos de pokemon go! Our plan is to make the Pokemon Go Games category one of the most popular one on our website, and that is something that can only made possible if you will play the great Pokemon Go Games you can find on this page! In Pokemon Go, the application uses the camera on your phone and you see an augmented reality, with Pokemon showing up in all sorts of places. You have to use your pokeballs, which can be thrown in different ways, to capture pokemon, which you then use in battles with other trainers and grow them, and try to make your pokemon evolve, get them stronger, and become a great pokemon trainer. In the city, you can find pokestops, you can hunt pokemon with other players, set out lures to get more pokemon to come in one place, and you can even affiliate yourself to a team. So, remember if you want to play pokemon go online, you are in the right place, because here you can do it simple and easy! There are over 200 pokemon that you can catch, but they don't show up randomly, because water pokemon can be found near water or during rain, night pokemon are only available during the night, or the legendary ones can only be found in certain special locations. This game encourages you to get moving and start an adventure, which is something you can now also do online, by playing Pokemon Go Games, on! You will find Pokemon Go Games and Pokemon Games where you have to catch pokemon, where you have to name them by their shape, great adventure games, but also other kinds of games like jumping games, puzzle games, hidden objects games and a whole lot other. We want this category to bring all of you joy, and if you're phone cannot run Pokemon Go, then this category will prove to be the next best thing for you, as you will see that you can also have great pokemon adventures on the internet, on your pc!