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On our website you can now play Pou Games, which are online games featuring one of the most interesting and diverse creature in online games. You can dress up Pou, take him to the doctor, clean the house, solve puzzles, go on adventures and many other fun and interesting games, only by playing Pou Games here, on our website!

The Pou Games category was created in 25.05.2016 and from there we added more than 12 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 29 times and the best game from Pou Games it's Pou Girl Tooth Problems.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 17.05.2017 which it's Pou Girl Great Makeover.

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On you can now start playing Pou Games, which is one of the categories we really wanted to create for our website, as we, just like milions of other people in the world have enjoyed playing the Pou mobile games, but even more so, the online Pou Games which have then started appearing all the time on the internet after the rise in popularity of the mobile game. On Friv Games Today we try to be as diverse as possible, which is why we add games based on cartoon series, televison shows, animated or live-action films, trading cards games, or even video games, just like the Pou Games category is. At one time, Pou was one of the most downloaded applications both on Android or iOs. We don't think you don't know what the application is about, but if you don't, we are now going to elaborate. Pou is an app where you have a little creature named Pou, which is modeled after poo. It is a round creature in brown with eyes, and a mouth. In the app, you had to take care of you Pou daily, giving it to eat, grooming it, helping it go the the bathroom, and other things like this. You could also personalize your Pou, dressing it up in all sorts of way. This way, you were growing the Pou from a small child to an adult Pou, and making it a very interesting creature. It interacted with your movements and decisions in the game, and you could never get bored playing with your Pou. Well, the game became so popular that many online Pou Games started to be added on the internet, which is why we have also created the category, because we know that we will be able to bring you a great number of fun Pou Games for you to play! Playing Pou Games online will offer you more diversity, as in these Pou Games, there is not one kind of Pou only, but many others. You can have a Pou girl, with which you can play all sorts of fun dress up games, makeover games, manicure games, haircutting games, and other kinds of girl games featuring Pou Girl. Sometimes, you will be able to play with Baby Pou, who will mostly be found in baby caring games. Sometimes, you will play games with a Pou family, consisting of a father, a mother, and children. The Pou Games category offers all sorts of other great games which you can't miss out on, like adventure games, friv games, arcade games, decorating games, dentist games, cleaning games and many more. All the Pou Games we will add here will be added thinking of you, and how we can make you get more entertainment by playing these fun games. We have Pou Games for the whole family, which is why you should also invite them to play these games, so that they can also have fun. We wish you good luck, and all the best playing Pou Games on our website!