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The Pound Puppies Games category is a category of animals games and dogs games you cannot miss out on, since it contains some really amazing games for you to play, one more fun than the other, and we have no doubt at all that you will enjoy them all a lot, just like we did! Start playing Pound Puppies Games right now, then!

The Pound Puppies Games category was created in 21.07.2017 and from there we added more than 5 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 40 times and the best game from Pound Puppies Games it's Pound Puppies Tunnel Time.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 06.08.2017 which it's Find the Pound Puppies.

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Pound Puppies Games is yet another fantastic new category of games created for, which you do not get the chance to find on many other websites, which is why we are especially happy that we have managed to created this category, because of this, now there are no children who can complain that they cannot find online Pound Puppies Games to play, since we have made sure to gather all of the available games with these characters on the internet, and bring them into one place, making it very easy and accessible for everyone to try out these games. If you love animals and animals games, then this is going to be a category for you, as the specific animals that this series is concentrated upon are dogs, but not any dogs, but puppies, who are baby dogs, who are some of the most cute creatures in the entire world, don’t you agree? Well, we are sure that there are a lot of children who love to play with puppies both in real life and in the online world, and for them, this is going to be a great place to have fun, without a doubt! We are sure that many of you did not expect to find a category of Pound Puppies Games on our website, since it is based upon an animated show which aired from 2010 to 2013, so it is possible that there are not too many children who are currently acquainted with the franchise, but those who are are going to be happy, and we can definitely say that the games can be easily played even if you do not know anything about the show they are based on. Pound Puppies is not actually the first animated series like this, since there was another one back in 1986, because Pound Puppies did not start out as an original animated series, as it is actually adapted from a series of toys with the same name, which is now currently owned by Hasbro, who handled this series, which was broadcast on the Hub Network in the United States, together with many other amazing animated series. There is simply no way you won’t fall in love with these characters if you play the Pound Puppies Games we have! If you are not sure yet if you want to even play these games, then we recommend you read the next part of this description carefully, because in it we are going to tell you what the focus of this series is, and who are the characters in it, and we are positive that when you are done reading, the only thing you will want to do will be to play our Pound Puppies Games immediately! The pound puppies are a group of dogs living in Shelter 17, who have an underground facility, where they work together with a group of squirrels for a very important goal: they want to find owners for pups who have none, or even older dogs who have been abandoned. Although it is technologicaly-advanced, the human workers at the shelter are not aware of what the dogs are doing, and there are also multiple facilities like this all over the world. They also have a rival team, the Kennel Kities, which do the same thing as the puppies, only for kittens, and they are often seen trying to interrupt the missions of the dogs, because everyone knows that cats and dogs are natural rivals. The main character that we follow around most of the time is Lucky, who is the leader of the team, showing his authority all the time, while still being really fun to be around. He is in love with Cookie, a female dog there, although he is always trying to hide away his feelings. These are just two of the dog characters in the show, but there are all sorts of other animals present, in addition to a multitude of human characters, making for a very diverse show. Not only the show is diverse, but so are the Pound Puppies Games that we offer on our website. Together with these characters you could go on their missions to find owners for pups, you can even play cooking games, or, of course, like in most categories, you will also find aweosme puzzle games to solve. The certain thing is, though, no matter which games from this page you choose to play, we know that you will enjoy them a lot, as boredom is never the case when it comes to the many amazing categories we have on our website. Remember to also tell all of your friends that on their website they can find amazing Pound Puppies Games to play, and hopefully they will also try them out and have a great time in the process!