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Welcome right now to PUBG Games, or Player Unknown Battle Grounds Games online, which is the newest category of games we are very happy to provide you on our website, since we know how much you want to find and play awesome battle royale games, which are some of the best multiplayer games online you get to find and play on our website!

The PUBG Games category was created in 05.06.2018 and from there we added more than 30 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 604 times and the best game from PUBG Games it's PUBG Puzzle.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 04.11.2019 which it's PUBG Infinity BattleField OPS.

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PUBG Games, or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Games online is the newest category of games that our website is very happy to have created, since with the addition of this category, Friv Games Today is now even better than it was before, something which we are positive you are going to agree with us as soon as you begin playing these awesome games, which we have added with a lot of love on our website, where we want to make sure that you find and play some of the best games on the internet, day by day, and continue making our website the #1 source for the best online games in the world! PUBG Games is also a sister category to Fortnite Games, which is a category we have added already on our website quite a while ago, and all of its games have been very well received. We mean that this is a sister category to that one, because all of the games that you are going to find on one category, you will find in the other one as well, since the two video games that are inspiration for these categories are very much alike, and are the reason for the recent surge in popularity of battle royale games online, of which we are going to try and bring you as many as possible, if that is what you want to play right now. When it comes to such video games, very quickly there are also online games created based on them, since maybe not everyone can play the video games on their computers, so something that they can play in a browser is better for them, or they can play the games, but they want to have different experiences in the same world, which is what we offer for free! We have a hunch that if you are already fans of this video game, you are going to be wasting n time at all, but start playing our friv PUBG Games as quickly as possible, and dive into a world of fun immediately. On the other hand, if you have no idea what this series is about, but would like to know more before you start giving these games a chance, then you had the right idea to read this description, since in the next part of it we are going to tell you what the video game is all about, what this page revolves around, and of course, we will also tell you what kinds of PUBG Games in browser you will be able to find and play on this page, for free, like with all of our other games as well! Well, in this video game, over a hundred players are thrown onto a deserted island, where they have to scavage for weapons, ammunition, and useful items, which they need to use in order to survive. It is not natural threats that they need to survive from, but the other players, since you need to kill other players, or otherwise they are going to kill you. This game can be played by your own, but you can also play in a team, and the last player standing alive, or the last team, is the winner of each round. The more time that passes, the dimensions of the island reduce, so that players enter more tight areas, so that encounters between them are more often, as they need to face off one another in order for there to be a winner in this game. Considering how great the premise of this game is, in addition to its world and its gameplay, we are not surprised at all at how popular this game has become this past year, and why you are now interested to play the free games added into the PUBG Games category. Obviously, like you may have already realized, this category will have mostly action games, adventure games, shooting games, which is normal for a category of boy games, but you can also find other formats as well, more simple ones, such as memory games, or even dress up games, so trust us when we say that you will not have any other websites as good as ours in providing these online games! Since we have reached the end of this description, we can only invite you once more to start these games and give them a chance, having fun with them like it is possible only on our website. When you will have played all of the games on this page, do not forget to check out the thousands of other ones we have available, since you have a really wide variety of games available here, all for free, and none of them to be missed out on, since they will give you a terrific time.