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Cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and any other kind of vehicle that can race, you are going to find in this category, so we urge you to go ahead and play some of the best Racing Games online, right here, on Friv Games Today!

The Racing Games category was created in 29.02.2016 and from there we added more than 354 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 166 times and the best game from Racing Games it's Racing Game Challenge.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 26.01.2020 which it's Captain Rogers Rooku.

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Welcome to the Racing Games online category on Friv Games Today, where you are about to find another great category of online games, that we invite you to try out right now, because only on our website you are going to be able to play some of the most incredible new Racing Games online! We know how popular and liked the online Racing Games are on the internet, and we also have seen that a lot of these games have been created, which made us want to create this category, so that we can offer you these games. The Racing Games 2016 category on our website will be a very fun mix of original racing games, racing games from games based upon cartoons, television shows, or movies, and all kinds of other interesting race games online that we find interesting, and that we think players should try out to have fun! Well, we are first going to talk about car racing games online, because we know that most of you have come on this page looking for this kind of game. Well, we know that, because almost anyone who thinks about racing games, will first think about cars. That is because car racing is one of the most fun and adrenaline-filled competition ever, demonstrated by all the different car tournaments around the world. There are the classic Formula 1 Racing competition, drifting challenges, off-road races with 4x4 cars, monster truck racing, and all kinds of other racing competitions. They can also be found in the Racing Games online category on our website, where we assure you that you are going to be able to play some of the most incredibile car races games online. Some of these games will be 3d, because cars are always better and more interesting in games that are 3d, making the racing experience even more fun and truly breathtaking. There will be classic car racing games where you have to face other cars controlled by the computer, but there will also be 2-player racing games, where you can have fun by racing a car controlled by a real-life player. Ok, now, let's move on the other types of Racing Games online that you can play. There are also motorcycles in this world, which is why on this page you will also be able to find motorycle racing games online, which are as fun as car racing ones, and are also very varied and interesting. Other kinds of Race Games 2016 that you will be able to enjoy will be bicycle racing games, where you will race using less powered two-wheeled vehicles, but even so, we asure you that they will be fun. Racing is of course, not limited to vehicles, which is why we are sure that you will also be able to find racing games where you will have to run faster that different racers. Well, now that you va familiarized yourself with the Racing Games 2016 category from our website, we invite you to go ahead and play these wonderful games right now!