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We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 19.04.2017 which it's Rank the Prank: Pick Your Prank.

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Shows with pranks have begun to become popular once again on television, and a great deal of them are made for children’s or teenager’s television networks, with almost every major one having a prank show of it’s own, because there is a lot of interest in this format, apparently. Since Nickelodeon has invested a lot recently into non-scripted live-action shows for their networks, it is no wonder at all that they have acquired the CBBC show Rank the Prank, which they have brought over into the States from Canada and Britain, as it is a co-production between these two states. Well, like with most shows airing on the network, this one has it’s own online game as well, with more of them begin set to appear in the future, which is why our administrative team hurried and created the Rank the Prank Games category, which is the category on the page of which you find yourself right now, and where you are always going to be able to find all of the best Rank the Prank Games. Of course you should consider our website to be the best source for these games, because we have been the first website to have created a category of Rank the Prank Games, so it is not surprising at all that we are going to put in all of our interest to make sure that whenever a new game based on this show appears on the internet, we are going to quickly share it with you all on our website. We are certainly happy to have created this category, and like with all of the categories that we create, we hope that the Rank the Prank Games is going to provide a lot of fun and joy to all of the kids that are going to play the games in it. Without a doubt, like it is usually the case on our website, you can easily play these games without knowing anything about the show, especially since the show is a non-scripted one, so having knowledge of the show is not going to be helpful in any way, maybe just with you recognising if one of the people in the show appear in the games. Either than that, we believe that you can easily play Rank the Prank Games with no worries at all, whether you follow the show or not! Still, we want you to be informed, so if you are curious to know more about the show before you begin playing the games, you just need to read this description to the end, where we are going to provide you with all the necessary information, meaning we are now going to tell you about the format of the show, which we are sure you will find really interesting. The show follows two kids who love pranks in each episode, and they are joined by a Hollywood special effects master, and together they pull a filmed prank to an unknowing public. Each of the kids will make their own prank, and they are competing with one another, because the one who gets to have the highest-ranked prank of the episode, is going to be able to pull of an even more incredible prank on his friends or family, and have the best time of his or her life, without a doubt. There are new things happening each episode, and they dwelve deep into how different things work for the prank, so we are not surprised at all that the series has been received very well, and that it even has games created for it. The game that you will find first is called Pick Your Prank, which is a quiz game where you select between different pranks depending on the question that you are given, with the goal of doing as well as possible at the quiz. This is just the beginning, though, since we really hope that in the future, more Rank the Prank Games are going to be created, and not only that, we really hope that we will be the first ones to share them with you, and prove to you why our website is the best place to be when it comes to brand new online games! If you have friends who watch the show, then they certainly want to play games based on it as well, so do not hesitate to invite them on our website, so that they find these games and have a blast playing them. Also, remember that Rank the Prank Games is only one of the many categories we have created over time here, so when you are done with the games on this page, do not hesitate to visit all of our other categories, and let the fun continue, on the best website with online flash games!