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You can also live in a fairy tale world, by playing Regal Academy Games on our website! Here, with the grandchildren of characters like Cinderella, Snow White or Rapunzel, you can do magic, go on adventures, and have fun while playing incredible Regal Academy Games!

The Regal Academy Games category was created in 15.05.2016 and from there we added more than 17 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 111 times and the best game from Regal Academy Games it's Which Regal Academy Character Are You?.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 30.11.2017 which it's Regal Academy LingLing IronFan.

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On you can now start playing many interesting Regal Academy Games online, because we have just added this great category for you, where we want to be able to offer you some of the best new Nickelodeon Games! Also, this category will be found to be very popular amongst those kids who love fairy tales, and since almost every kid loves hearing and seeing great fairy tales, we are sure that the Regal Academy Games category will prove to be a hit for everyone! In the past years, there have been many toy lines, cartoons, comics, films and other media in which classic fairy tale characters are taken and re-imagined. Many adaptions see the children of the classic fairy tale characters, interacting with their parents, or not. Well, in the Regal Academy Games, the family will skip a generation, and will present the adventures of Rose Cinderella. Rose was just a normal girl, until one day she was transported into a new world of fairy tales, where she has found that Cinderella, one of the most famous characters in the world, is her grandmother, and that she will now be a student in the Regal Academy. The Regal Academy is the most prestigious school in this realm, and Cinderella is one of the founder, and the headmistress of the school. Other characters like Beast, Snow White, Rapunzel are also seen in this cartoon, as they are each a teacher in the show. With a premise like this, we are pretty sure that you got very psyched for the Regal Academy Games, and that after you are done reading all this, the first thing you will do will be to play one of these games. Other students in the school are also grandchildren of the teachers, and Rose's gang is comprised of characters like Hawk Snow White, Travis Beast, Joy LeFrog, Astoria Rapunzel and LingLing Iron Fan. Each of the characters have magical abilities, and their personalities and habbits resemble those of their grandparents very much. Besides the magical ability of each of the students, they all have a very cute magical pet, and one recognaisable catchphrase. Now, let's tell you some things about the characters in the Regal Academy Games category. Rose is super excited about everything around her, Travis is an artist with a temper that can transform into a beast if angered, and Astoria is a perfectionist who also loves reading lots of books. We also have Hawk who is the charmer of the group and the one who wants to be a great hero, and also Joy, who is always there to encourage her friends, even their bad ideas too. With a cast of characters like this, you cannot get bored playing Regal Academy Games. You can play all sorts of simple and easy games like puzzle games, memory games or coloring books, and you can be sure that all the new Regal Academy Games that appear will be offered to you on our website!