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You are invited to start playing Rekkit Rabbit Games on our website right now, and don't wait on the fun for one second! The Rekkit Rabbit Games that we have created and put on this page are all very fun and interesting, and they've been added for your enjoyment only, so pick one right now, and begin playing it! Good luck!

The Rekkit Rabbit Games category was created in 02.07.2016 and from there we added more than 1 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 7 times and the best game from Rekkit Rabbit Games it's Rekkitt Rabbit 5 Differences.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 11.07.2016 which it's Rekkitt Rabbit 5 Differences.

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Now on you will have the chance to play Rekkit Rabbit Games, which is something we image you couldn't have done before, but have no worries, as our webite and the administrative team is always ready to create the best categories for you, and if we see a fun and interesting show which does not have any games available, we will make sure to create the category and also, create games for it, games which we hope that all of you are going to enjoy playing a lot. The Rekkit Rabbit Games category falls in that specific area, as we have designed this category with no prior game available, and we are currently creating new games for it, to make sure it has a great content. The reason that there were no games available before might have to do with the fact that the show is currently airing in France, on Disney XD, making this category a Disney XD Games one, and we really hope that in the future it will be also released in english language, so that as many children all over the world can enjoy it. Either way, the Rekkit Rabbit Games on our website will be possible to enjoy whether or not you are familiar with the series, but to give you a helping hand, in the next part of the description we are going to tell you about the story and the characters, so that you will know some things about it. Jay Shmufton is the name of the 12 year old protagonist of the cartoon, who was living his regular 12-year old life, until one day, something incredible happens. He meets Rekkit, who is a giant rabbit, who came from another world, called Chakabrak, where he was a magician's assistant. Now, each day in Jay's life is something new and special, as Rekkit is super enthusiastic about everything, and uses his magic a lot, making all kinds of problems for him and Jay which then they have to solve together. We have other characters in the show and in the games, like Evita and Marisa, who are two twins, who are very rich, so they want to get their hands on Rekkit since day one, as they are used to getting everything. Bean and Wally are Jay's human best friends, who are always ready to go on some kind of adventure. Sarah is a very good friend of Jay's, but he would like to be more than friends if possible, as he has a huge crush on him, even making him speechless sometimes. A show with a premise and a colorful cast of characters like this, you can't go wrong, and the same can't be said about the Rekkit Rabbit Games on this page! We invite you to try each of them, and when you are done playing them, why not tell all your friends that on this website they can find and play Rekkit Rabbit Games, and many more games, and have the best time ever? We hope that you will do that, and that you will have a great time here!