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The Ricky Zoom Games category was created in 06.09.2019 and from there we added more than 6 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 66 times and the best game from Ricky Zoom Games it's Wheelford Wheelies.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 20.10.2019 which it's Wheelford Wheelies.

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Whenever new and interesting Nick Jr show start airing on that network, our website is always one of the first ones, if the not the first to create categories of games for them, as well as bring you the games with those characters that you want to play the most, which is what is happening right now and here as well, when each and every one of you will be getting the chance to finally find and play Ricky Zoom Games online, which is the latest category of Nick Jr Games we’ve created here, based on the show with the same name that has only recently started airing on the network, and just like with all the other new shows, we would love to see this one stays on the air for as long as possible, so that new games based on it keep appearing all the time, and so that we can share them with you for free in an instant. You know very well we do that all the time because our promptness in adding games is probably the reason why you visit us as much as you do. Now, if you’ve come here after seeing one of a few episodes from this show and just want to play with your favorite characters, don’t waste time and start doing it immediately! But, in case you’re not really familiar with this new animated show for children, and that makes you want to learn more about it before playing Ricky Zoom Games here, don’t worry, since you can learn all of the things you need to know right here, where right now we’ll tell you what the show is about, give you more details on its main characters, and then we tell you what kinds of online games you are able to find and play here, the best website for browser games online, ever! Like with all of the shows aimed at preschool children, this one has its own themes and values it wants to share, such as standing on your own two feet, the importance of friendship and working together, and it belongs to the genres of action, comedy, and adventure, so there is not even one dull moment in this show, that’s for sure. Ricky Zoom, the title character of the show, is a red rescue bike who is very fast, who has all sorts of adventures with his buddies such as Loop, scootio, and DJ, who together form the group known as Bike Buddies. They zoom into all of their adventure, race one another, and try new stunts all the time. Welford is the town where these characters live, and it is a town made specifically for bikes, meaning everything there is made to benefit them and make their lives easy. Ricky’s goal is to become the best rescue bike, so together with his friends, they are always ready to help other bikes in need, no matter their problems, and no matter what it costs them to achieve their goals. These are the basic things regarding the show that you needed to know about, and in case you are curious to learn about the games added here, we can tell you, as you will be able to find coloring games, puzzle games, differences games, memory games, racing games, skill games, thinking games, and many more for sure, since we are expecting the show to stick around for a long while, which also means that there will be games based on it appearing all the time here, and we will always make sure to be the first ones to share them with you! Now that you have become so familiar with this page, there should be nothing here holding you back from enjoying these games right now and here, because that is the only thing left for you to do. Of course, after that, the next thing you should be doing is not stop at playing these games here but checking out other of our categories too, and who knows, maybe you also invite friends over here, because the more people visit us and play our lovely games, the better the experience of Friv Games Today becomes. Now, hop on your virtual bikes and start having fun with our Ricky Zoom Games like only here is possible for you to do!