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Robot Games have always been very popular amongst children, which is why we knew we desperately needed a category like this one on our website, so now that we have it, browse it, because you can find in it a lot of awesome games to play! Whichever of these Robot Games you choose to play, give it your best, and you will be rewarded with a fun time!

The Robot Games category was created in 01.05.2017 and from there we added more than 110 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 137 times and the best game from Robot Games it's Robo Racing.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 16.01.2020 which it's Evil Robot Stole My Girlfriend Again.

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In our quest of making as diverse as possible, and filled with as many new games as we can find, our administrative team decided that bringing you all a category of Robot Games was definitely the right choice for us to make, since robots are a constant element in many of the games on our website, and since they are present in so many of them, we want to make sure that whoever is interested in playing Robot Games, can find them all in one place, from where they can browse and find all of the games they wanted to play, very easy! It is not surprising at all that so many Robot Games are created all of the time, and that children and teens alike waste no time at all in playing them. Robots have been the fascination of people for a long time, and the more advanced the technology gets, the more and more robots become better, and a more integrated part of our life. Even now, in many factories of the world, it is robots and machines that do the work, and we are certain that soon, they are going to free the humans from many of their jobs. Japan for example, is one of the most advanced country when it comes to robots, especially those that see to replicate humans, and these robots are used for cleaning and helping around the house. Of course, there are many uses to them, and with each year, they only get better and better. Japan is also the country that invented mecha, which is a genre of animation and storytelling which focuses on giant robots, who often times have to defend humans from monsters, or they fight amongst themselves. They are definitely going to be found in some of our Robot Games as well, and we are sure you will enjoy each of them! Other popular media with robots for example is the Power Rangers franchise, where the heroes use Zords, which are robots which help them in their fights, and they can even combine their zords into one single robot, a giant one, in order to defeat stronger foes. Robots are awesome, aren’t they? They can perform tasks that many people can’t, and in so many movies, tv series, or books, they are either seen as beings which are going to be of great help to the human race, or mortal enemies, like in the Terminator franchise for example, where the machines are fighting against the humans. There are so many robots depicted in media, and so many Robot Games out there, that we knew a category like this one was necessary, so we wasted no time at all in bringing one to you here. Now, in the following part of this description, we are going to use the space that we have in order to tell you more about what kinds of Robot Games you will be able to play on this page, since you must certainly be curious! Many of these games are robot building games, where you take parts of robots and put them together, and many times you get to customize them however you desire. Robot fighting games are also really popular, where robots fight each other, and you take part in the fight, or you are going to fight against giant monsters, which are often times the main foe of a giant robot in all sorts of stories. You can have games with robots that race each other, games where you have to repair broken robots, or robot dinosaur games are also really popular as of late. Of course, the category is mainly going to be populated by action games or adventure games, but it is going to be diverse, so also expect more simple games like coloring games or puzzle games. No matter what kind of game it is, if it is with robots, and it is a lot of fun to play, you can rest assured that our administrative team is going to bring it to you on our website, and you can be certain that you will have a really amazing time playing them! Many of the games do not focus solely on robots, but they feature them in some capacity, and even if they belong to another main category, one based on a cartoon for example, we are also going to add those games there, to make the website as connected as possible. We have no doubt at all that this category is going to be a hit, so we want to invite each and every one of you to start playing our Robot Games right now, and let the fun begin! Only here can you find such amazing games to play, so make sure you also tell all your friends about our website and the games we provide!