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SciGirls Games is a category of games for girls and science games that we recommend to everyone on our website, as you are guaranteed to have a blast playing the games, just like we had when we played them. It is only here that you can find such awesome SciGirls Games, so why not take the chance?

The SciGirls Games category was created in 24.07.2017 and from there we added more than 4 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 7 times and the best game from SciGirls Games it's AquaBot.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 26.07.2017 which it's AquaBot.

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Welcome everyone to the SciGirls Games category on our website, which is a brand new category of games based upon a show airing on PBS Kids, which is once again going to delight millions of children all over the world, just like we are sure that all of the categories on our website do, especially those based upon shows from this network, which has some of the best shows for preschool children. In addition to that, many of these series, just like with this one, revolve around science and learning, because animated shows for preschool children are not only to entertain them, but also to help them learn all sorts of stuff, about science and life in general. We are sure that if you watch shows like this one for example, you are learning just that, and having a great time doing it, so just imagine how much more fun and how many more things you are going to learn by playing SciGirls Games on our website, which is going to be an interactive experience, and in these kinds of games you always learn a lot more things, and have a lot more fun than simply watching the characters do something on the screen. If you do not know about the show, we are first going to tell you that it began airing in 2010, has had three seasons up until now, with a fourth season scheduled to appear in 2018, which means that the show is really popular, because a show that is not watched by enough people, does not get any new episodes. Like you can tell from the title, which is a combination of the words science and girls, this is a show aimed towards elementary school and middle school aged children, towards girls primarily, meant to teach them all sorts of things about technology, math, or engineering. All of this knowladge is presented in a really interesting fashion, so that those who view it never get bored, and learning is a more immersive experience. Well, of course, if you want to know even more things about the show before you start playing SciGirls Games, then we invite you to read this next part of the description, from which you are going to find out who are the central characters in the show, and what they do in each episode, and when you are done reading that part, you will move on to the part about what kinds of SciGirls Games are going to be available on the page, and we hope that you will be happy with your findings. The main character is Izzie, an 11-year old girl who always has new interests about the world. She is the webmaster of the SciGirls website, which tracks progress from scientist girls all over the world. If she has a problem she needs to solve, she quickly gets into the database of the website, and take information gathered by girl scientists all over the place, which she then uses to handle her problems. The other character that we often find in the show is Jake, who has been Izzie’s friend ever since elementary school, and they hang out together all the time, with Jake usually being caught up in all sorts of affairs that Izzie has involving science. He is somewhat of a side-kick you would say. Really interesting, would you not agree? Well, now that we have told you what the show is about and who are the characters in it, it is time for us to tell you what kinds of SciGirls Games are going to be found on this page, since the reason why you visit our website and pages like this is to find awesome games to play, and we have no doubt at all that these games are awesome, and you will be really happy that you were able to find and play them after you do so. Some of the games in the categories include Aqua Bot, Pick’M Stick’M, Creature Features, or Rule the Roost, and in each of them you have to do a certain activity, usually involving science, at the end of which you did not only had a great time, but also learned a great deal. We can now only invite you once again to give a chance to our SciGirls Games, because the only way you can truly experience how awesome and fun they are is if you actually start playing them, so give them a shot right away, and see for yourself. When you are done playing SciGirls Games, do not hesitate to check out any of our other categories, since each of them is filled with countless fun and awesome games, which we recommend, since we only have the best games on the internet, guaranteed!