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You are now all welcomed over to the Shaun the Sheep Games category, which is a category of games we treasure a lot, as we believe it has some of the best online games from our website, none of them worth missing out on, so we hope that you waste no time at all, but instead start having fun with these game immediately, only on our website!

The Shaun the Sheep Games category was created in 06.10.2018 and from there we added more than 19 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 78 times and the best game from Shaun the Sheep Games it's Welly Wanger.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 27.05.2019 which it's Wheres Shaun.

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One of the categories we consider best on our website is the one on the page of which you find yourself right now, and we are talking about the Shaun the Sheep Games category, which we have no doubt at all is slowly but surely become one of the most popular categories of games we have here, and that should not be at all surprising, because this franchise and character have been around for decades now, which can only mean that children of all ages and generations loved this world, as they should, since it is an amazing one, where fun never, ever stops! The origins of this character go way back to 1995, when it was featured as a secondary character in a stop-motion animated series. Ever since then, there was a successful television series based off of him, a spin-off one from it, and two popular feature-length movies, and those were just in the last three years, so we are sure that there are lots of children out there who have an interest in these games, and if that is the case, you have arrived at the best place possible. We are aware that there are other websites out there that also have a category of Shaun the Sheep Games, but trust us when we say that we have the best version of this category, so it would be a real waste of time for you to go anywhere else, since you won’t find better games with these characters anywhere else! Now, if you are already fans of these characters, then nothing should be stopping you from starting to play these games at once, and having fun like nowhere else! For the rest of you, who have no idea who Shaun is, or what his thing is, we recommend that you read this article to the end, because up next we tell you more about the show and how it started, what is the main plot of it, who are the main characters we follow in it, and finally, we are also going to show you what kinds of Shaun the Sheep Games are available here, proving that it is one of the most amazing friv categories we have here, so after reading this all, you will surely want to give these games a chance at once! While the character was first created in 1995, like we mentioned earlier, his show started in 2007 in the UK, and ever since then it has been broadcast in lots of countries all over the world as well. It has aired new episodes until 2016, so you can imagine how popular it is. Also, there have been two movies made after it, that were released in theaters, and we have games for them, which is why you can find on this page plenty of Shaun the Sheep Movie Games, and Farmageddon A Shaun the Sheep Movie Games as well, since we want to make sure we offer only the best content possible here. Shaun is a very smart sheep, living with his flock, who he usually manages to get in all sorts of trouble, as he often times acts as the leader of it, and because he is adventurous, the gang of sheep get into all sorts of situations, one more funny than the other one. They are sheep, so they get bored staying all day in the field eating grass, which is why they try to do all sorts of things, and often times get fascinated with human activities and items, which put them in funny situations. During their adventures, they do their best to handle Bitzer, the farm dog who is put in charge of taking care of them, and at the same time, avoid getting seen by the Farmer, who would be very surprised to see what the sheep are actually up to. Awesome premise, no? Now that this is taken out of the way, let us tell you about what kinds of Shaun the Sheep Games you are able to play and have fun with here. The category is going to be one of the largest and most diverse ones we have, including games such as golf games, skating games, puzzle games, card games, memory games, bowling games, tractor games, and of course, the highly popular series of Home Sheep Home Games. With all of this information that you now have about this world, we are sure that you have decided that playing our free Shaun the Sheep Games is the best thing you should be doing right now, and we hope that you do it, and have plenty of fun as well, which should happen, since we know from our own experience how great these games are. Do not hesitate to invite your friends over as well, for them to also discover this amazing world of fun!