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Sheriff Callie Games, or Sheriff Callie’s Wild West Games is one of the best categories of Disney Junior Games we have had on our website, without one inch of doubt, which is why we want to invite you all to give these games a chance at once, see for yourself how great they are, and maybe even share them with all of your friends after that!

The Sheriff Callie Games category was created in 18.02.2018 and from there we added more than 16 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 27 times and the best game from Sheriff Callie Games it's Deputy For A Day.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 24.02.2018 which it's Sheriff Callie Maths Test.

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Welcome everyone to Sheriff Callie Games/ Sheriff Callie’s Wild West Games, a new category of Disney Junior Games for which we are extremely happy we have managed to create for our website, since we know that during the time that it aired on this network, it was one of the most popular shows on it, and since the show has run for three years, it can only mean that there were plenty of games created based on it, both original and fan-made ones, which you can now also find and play for free on our website, where we will make sure to offer you the best collection of online Sheriff Callie Games, comprised only of high-quality games with these characters, so that you will not have to search any other website for awesome games. We know that the show ended at the end of last year, but we are sure that re-runs of it still air sometimes, and maybe it did not even end in some other countries where Disney Junior is on, so we are sure that there is still a lot of interest in online Sheriff Callie Games. Of course, we cannot forget the power of the internet, as you can now discovere even old shows, through the power of streaming websites, so we have no doubt at all that thish show has reached a lot of children everywhere, children who want to know which is the best place where they can find and play online Sheriff Callie Games. Well, you don’t need to look any further, because this is clearly the place, so step into the world of these characters, and have immense fun, like only on our website it is possible. Of course, if you have already seen episodes of this show, you will not miss the chance of playing these games for anything in the world, and you already know that you will try them. On the other hand, if you have never heard about this show before, and are curious why it is worth your time to play Sheriff Callie’s Wild West Games, then you are invited to continue reading this description to it’s end, because we are now going to tell you what the show is about, who are the characters in it, and of course, we will then tell you about the many wonderful games of the category, all of them highly recommended to you! Of course, just like the title of the show says, the setting of it is the Wild West, only it is not entirely like the Wild West that you are used to, since the inhabitans of this world are not human, but rather animals that talk and act just like humans, which is always a drawing point in animated series for children, that’s for sure. The location of the show is a town called Nice and Friendly Corners, and from the name of the town you can already realize that everyone here is nice to one another, and everyone gets along great. Of course, just like with any other place, trouble happens here sometimes as well, like disagreements between people, or other things as well. When something bad happens, the town is lucky to have none other than Sheriff Callie, a cat, who always comes in and solves the situation, because that is her job, and she always wants to do her job as great as possible. She is helped by her deputy, called Peck, and who is a red woodpecker, and Toby, a male cactus. Together they work to solve any problems that might arise in the town, and make sure to continue the tradition of friendliness and happiness that this town has had over hundreds of years. Now that we have told you about the show and it’s characters, it’s time to dwelve into the world of these Sheriff Callie Games, which is quite a diverse and interesting world, where you are able to find and play adventure games, makeover games, puzzle games, coloring games, doctor games, dentist games, animal washing games, memory games, and more, as this is quite a diverse and big category, which is proof of the fact that the show has had lots of fans, and has been a real hit for Disney Junior. Well, with that being said, everything that we wanted you to know regarding this category has been said, meaning the only thing left for you all to do is to give these games a chance, because reading about them is really not enough, and after you play them, we are sure that you will be very happy with your decision! As for, what will you do after playing these games, our website has thousands of other games, put into hundreds of categories, so visit them as well, and you will immediately find something great to play!