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On you can now find and play Skill Games, which is a really big collection of games, all really amazing and fun to play, which we hope none of you will miss out on. There are so many things that you will be able to do by playing these Ability Games, so we hope you will start doing so right now!

The Skill Games category was created in 17.11.2016 and from there we added more than 1563 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 581 times and the best game from Skill Games it's Jump Ninja Hero.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 23.01.2020 which it's Guitar Hero.

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Our administrative team here at is very happy to be bringing you right now the game category called Skill Games, which is one of the essential categories of general games that we have created for our website, which, along the years, is going to keep growing bigger and bigger, as there are almost no online games that don't also feature an element of ability games, and there are so diverse, that there is always something new to be played, so we are sure that you will love this category very much, and always find in it some really cool games to play, one more fun and exciting than the other. Over the time, as we kept adding online games on our website, we have noticed that many of the games that we add need to be added in another kind of category, not only in the one that is representative of the show that that specific game was based upon. We soon realised that the category that was missing was the Skill Games one, or Ability Games, if that is what you like to call it. In whatever way you search for it on our website, you will find these games immediately, and right away you are going to notice just how much fun they can provide, each and every one of them, so trust us when we say that this is a category that you should really check out! In the next part of the description, you are going to find out why we belive that you should really play Skill Games on our website, because that is the purpose of a category's description. We offer general details about the category, after which we go into more detail about what kind of games you are able to find in the category, and we are pretty sure that the description is going to convince you to give the games a chance. Like with many things, you might not be 100 percent sure that you want to play these games when you end up on this page, so we hope that the lines that we have written in this description are going to convince you that the games are worth it, because otherwise you will miss out on the most fun and amazing Skill Games on the entire internet, which you are able to find only on our website, trust us! Now, we are going to kick off things right now, by giving you details about what kind of Skill Games you might be able to find here on this page. Of course, there are so many games added here, and which are going to be added in the future as well, so trust us when we say that there is absolutely no way we are going to be able to give you details about all the different types of Ability Games that we are sharing with you on our website. In the end, the only way for you to get the full experience is by playing as many of them, and experiencing them yourself. For example, you can find avoiding games, where you have to use the different controls you are given to avoid getting hit by the different objects that may fall from the top of the game screen. There are also games in which you have to avoid obstacles on the road. Let's not forget about maze games, or slingshot games where you shoot different things with that instrument, go throug different courses, where you have to jump from place to place, hit things, shoot things, and so many other things, that we can't even begin to think of all of them. While we can't tell you everything about our Skill Games/Ability Games, we can tell you one thing for certain, and that is that they are all really fun and interesting, and we recommend them to each and every one of you, urging you to check them out, because you can then start having fun, while also develop your skills. From the title of the game category you can deduce that the games not only test your different skills, but that by playing them, you can also improve those skills, by practicing them in these really fun online games. What are you waiting for, then? We invite you to start playing our Skill Games right now, and start having a really amazing time, only on, where we hope to see you daily, because each day we strive to add as many cool new games as possible, one more awesome than the other one. We wish you good luck at all the games that you will be playing from this category, as we are positive that you want to do a good job at each of them.