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Skylanders Games online like the ones that you are able to find and play for free on our website you will not have the chance to find and play anywhere else, so we hope that none of you are going to miss out on the chance of doing so, and if you don't, we are sure that you will be very glad you have decided to play the games!

The Skylanders Games category was created in 04.12.2017 and from there we added more than 16 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 85 times and the best game from Skylanders Games it's Panel Panic.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 11.12.2017 which it's Skylanders Swap Force.

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It is only on our website that you will get to find the most complete collection of Skylanders Games online, which is a brand new category of games we have created based upon the series of video games with the same name, a series of video games that are a little bit different than the ones that you might have gotten used to in the past, since we are talking about toys-to-life action video games, meaning that these are video games which use both technology and a virtual environment, but at the same time it also uses toys, actual toys, meaning it is a new kind of integrated and interactive gaming experience, which we are sure is very well received, and which we are sure is going to become the future of toys, since these days, most toys have some kind of integration into video games or the online world, which is for the better, since the fun is even better like this. We have seen that there are currently not many websites out there that offer online Skylanders Games, and we wanted our website to be one of them, since we want to make sure that fans of the series have a place where they can find and play such games, and because with the addition of this category, our already diverse range of games is getting even more diverse, as we are always in the pursuit of bringing our visitors unique and interesting games. That is why so many new categories are always created on our website, and we are sure that you are very happy you get to find them. We are sure that with this category of Skylanders Games we have made lots of children all over the world happy, which was our goal from the start. Now, even if you have never heard about this franchise before, we still recommend you try out these games, since you need not know anything in order to play them and do a great job at them. Of course, if you are the curious type, and would like to learn more things about these Skylanders Games before you actually play them, then keep on reading, because we are first going to tell you about the world that these games take place in, after which we are also going to tell you about the games you can find here, and we are sure that if you had been undecided weather or not to play the games, you will surely play them afterwards! Skylands is the setting of the game, a realm of floating islands. It is in the center of the universe, and dark forces are always trying to take control of it. The skylanders are a band of warriors who use their abilities as well as their machinery to protect the world from these villains. They are controlled by Portal Masters, with whom they have an unbreakable bond, but they have chosen to serve their masters. The Skylanders are associated with one of the following ten elements: earth, air, fire, water, magic, tech, life, undead, light, or dark. In most of the games, your main goal is to stop the evil villain Kaos from taking over Skyland. Simple as that! Something like this you will be doing in these Skylanders Games as well, only bits and pieces here and there, with the online games using the classic formats in the online world of gaming, and the most popular ones, but they are even better since they are played together with such characters. That means you will find tower defense games, strategy games, adventure games, action games, shooting games, matching games, puzzle games, and many others, so there is absolutely no way that you are going to get bored with the games on this page, which were up to 16 when we created the category, and we have no doubt at all that the number of these games is going to increase a lot over time. With that, we have told you everything that we wanted you to know about our category of online Skylanders Games, so we hope that you are all going to give the games a chance, and see what we have seen in them, which is their potential to offer you unlimited amounts of fun! Of course, these are not the only games on our website, so we definitely recommend that you visit what other categories we have, or simply stop by daily to see what new games we have to offer you, as every day we make sure to bring you new and interesting content. Do not forget to tell all your friends about our Skylanders Games as well, since they are surely going to be glad that they have found them and can play them!