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We are very happy that on our website we can offer you all Snail Bob Games, which are some of the best and most interesting original games made for flash and to be played online. Each of these Snail Bob Games is going to give you a new challenge to face, and you will have fun doing so each time, so start right now, and let the fun begin!

The Snail Bob Games category was created in 20.04.2017 and from there we added more than 8 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 16 times and the best game from Snail Bob Games it's Snail Bob 1.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 26.04.2017 which it's Snail Bob 8.

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The administrative team of is always going to pursue it’s purpose of creating as many awesome categories of games for our website as possible, categories which are then filled with one amazing game after the other, so that each time you visit our website you get to find great new games to play, and so that you can never ever get bored while spending time on our website. We try to diversify our content as much as possible, which is why you are finding yourself on the page of the Snail Bob Games category on our website, because if that was not true, then you probably would not have been able to find these games on this page. Why is that, you ask? Well, we are going to lay out the particularities for you rigtht now, so pay attention. Well, you see, most of the websites that deal with sharing online games for users, just like ours, tend to add games and create categories that are based on already-existing proprieties, because there is already a fanbase, and that fanbase might search the internet on games based upon that propriety. That means that most of the categories are based on television shows, live-action or animated, films, animated or live-action, books, toy lines, or even after video games. Well, the Snail Bob Games does not fit any of these mediums, because these games are an original creation, something unfortunately not that usual these days, but whenever a website invests time and money in creating new games, unlike any seen before, then amazing games happen, just like all of the Snail Bob Games which you are going to be able to find on this page, and play for free, with no worries in the world. From the first game of the series that we have played, we knew we had to share them with you on our website as well, since we could not hog on all of the fun, because fun games are meant to be shared with others, so that everyone can get in on the joy. Well, that means that if you are going to enjoy playing Snail Bob Games, remember to also tell your friends, either through social media or directly, about these games, and how much fun they can have by playing them, only on our website, together with countless other amazing games. Now, since we have praised the category and the games belonging in it so much, we must have made you curious about them, if you have never played one before. Well, we are going to satisfy your curiosity right now, because in the next lines of this description we are going to tell you all about what the games are about, which will give you a general idea of them, which we hope will convince you to try the games. That is because how fun and exciting a game is cannot be properly shared through words, which is why the best way to know if you enjoy playing Snail Bob Games is always going to be by playing them. Well, in these games, you are going to play with a snail named Bob, which we think was kind of obvious. What is the story of this snail? Well, he has to get home, which is what you will be helping him with in each game, because he is a snail, so he is slow, but also because there are plenty of obstacles and traps in front of him, and he can’t pass them without your help. Well, in the games you are going to use the mouse in order to interact with Bob, or with the different items and tools, which you have to operate on in order to free up paths for the snail, or help him jump, or unlock certain passages. The goal is to get to the exit point of each level, until you reach the final level and complete it, when Bob is finally going to be home. The only way for him to get there is if you help him, and in each of the Snail Bob Games on our website, because there are multiple games, you will find new locations and new levels, with some added features in each game, meaning there is absolutely no chance at all for the games to be repetitive of boring. Have you received all of the information you need in order to be convinced of giving these games a try? Well, we surely hope so, which is why we now urge you to try out any of our Snail Bob Games immediately, and see if they are for you or not. We surely hope you will enjoy them, and have an overall awesome time on our website, where we do our best to offer you the best games ever!