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If you enjoy horses games online, then the Spirit Riding Free Games category is for you, since together with these characters you are going to have an amazing adventure, both with the humans and the horses. We recommend any of these Spirit Riding Free Games that you see on the page, so pick one right now, and get to playing!

The Spirit Riding Free Games category was created in 23.06.2017 and from there we added more than 8 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 2021 times and the best game from Spirit Riding Free Games it's Spirit Riding Free Go For a Ride.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 18.11.2019 which it's Spirit Riding Free Animated Coloring Book.

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Spirit Riding Free Games is a category of games from our website which, at least at this point, is unique to our website only, which makes us very happy, since it proves once again why our website deserves to be the number one website when it comes to online games, and it proves that we have better content than most, and not only that, but we have the newest content, and we always bring it to you all first, so be glad that you are on, because we do not know where anywhere else you would have been able to find and play Spirit Riding Free Games, games which we certainly endorse, or otherwise we would not have even added them in the first place, that is for sure. Recently we have been on a row of creating new categories, most of them being based on shows that are not aired on television, but instead they stream on famous streaming platforms like Netflix, which is the home of Spirit Riding Free, which so far has one season of six episodes which premiered in May of 2017, and we are sure that there have been a lot of children who have watched it and enjoyed it, and now, finally, these children can also play online Spirit Riding Free Games with their favorite new characters, which is always something exciting to do. We ourselves are really digging the animated shows that have been streamed by Netflix ever since they got into the animation bussiness as well, since most of them are original shows which are very delightful, and the fact that they encourage new ideas is something that can only help the industry. It also helps our website, because that means more content for us to provide you. Well, this animated series is not a totally new idea, though, since the show is based on the 2002 Oscar-nominated film Stallion: Spirit of the Cimarron, an animated movie which was really well received when it premiered, and we are sure that it is still doing well whenever it is on television, or on any streaming platform that it is on. We think that might also have helped Netflix give the green light for the creation of this series, which we are sure is enjoyed just as much as the movie, and trust us when we say that if watching this world is fun, then you will see just how much fun it is to be directly involved in it, by playing Spirit Riding Free Games. Well, everyone loves horse games, so it is not surprising at all. For those of you who have not seen the show before, and you would like to learn some things about it, like it’s plot for example, before you start playing Spirit Riding Free Games, then you only need to read the following lines in this description, where you will be able to learn everything you want to. We are sure that when you are done reading, you will start playing the games right away, especially since we are also going to talk about them as well. The show is set in Miradero, Oregon, and it follows a 12-year old girl by the name of Lucky, who has moved there from the big city, and there she encounters a wild horse named Spirit, who is the offspring of the two protagonists in the movie, who is captured and taken to the town in order to be broken, meaning being made domestic. Of course, the one to bond with the horse and help it break free is none other than Lucky, with the girl and the horse developing a really close relationship, and together they embark on all sorts of amazing everyday adventures. They are not alone in their adventures either, as they are joined by Prudence and her horse Chica Linda, and Abigail with her horse Boomerang, and together they have the most fun of times ever! Up until now, in the Spirit Riding Free Games you will be able to play only one game, which is called Star Stable, in which you can create your own human and horse charaters, and together with them do all sorts of exploring, and having fun in all sorts of crazy adventures. Of course, we are sure that in the future more games are going to follow, and you will definitely enjoy each and every one of them, like you do any other games on our website. Now that we are done with what we wanted to tell you about the category, we invite you to start playing the games immediately, and invite all your friends as well on our website, so that they can also feel the joy provided by the amazing Spirit Riding Free Games we have here, which they must enjoy as well, for sure!