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Come with us and save Starland with other 12 girls from an evil force that is threaten the existence of the dreams, hopes and wishes universe. Play the latest girl games with the main characters from the newst Disney Channel and Disney XD show.

The Star Darlings Games category was created in 04.03.2016 and from there we added more than 18 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 87 times and the best game from Star Darlings Games it's Star Darlings Scarlet Dress Up.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 19.10.2016 which it's Barbie's Star Darlings Makeover.

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We are back with a new category for all the player and gamers from, but a special category for girls with the new Disney show named Star Darlings where 12 cute girls are trying to save Starland from crash. Before starting to talk about the girls and other characters from the show, let me say an importing thing about Star Darlings show, and that's about the true fact behind the scenes. The producers of this show are trying to make an importing and special thing for all the girls, and that's encourage to continue their hopes and dreams, to fight until they manage to reach the deepest dream. The show is about making the good and positive decisions, about friendship and about learning that if you work and you are a good person, everything can happen and it's possible. From this premise the show was created so one of the most important thing in the Disney show is the great and big kingdom Starland where all the dreams and hopes are preserved until they are ready to be granted. An important fact about the Starland is that this big kingdom dependes of the energy realeased by this hopes and dreams but a big evil force is attending the stability of the Starland so 12 teenage girls are selected from Star Academy whose have a great mission, to save Starland by grant 12 special wishes, dreams and hopes from Earth. So, we know until this point that in Star Darlings we will have part of a good adventure for girls. The show is brodcast by Disney Channel and Disney XD. In the Star Darlings Games category you will find a lot of girl games just like make over, make up, spa, dress up, carying and other games like that that are just perfect for a good time spend on internet. If we see that you love this show, we will add more games like this. Let's go back to the Star Darlings show and talk a little bit about the main characters, about 12 Star Darlings girls. The first character is Adora a beautiful girl that is fashionist and scientis, and inlove with the blue color. Astra will tell you that hopes and dreams are true, that you have to do all you got to reache them. She is very strong and practically mastered all the sports from Star Academy. She love the red color. Cassie is the intelligent girl of the group who with the extremly logical think that she possesd plans every step she does. The next main character is one girl named Clover, unique and very tallented in the music industry making the best beats like a true DJ. Like in all the groups we have a special girl that is very popular, hilarious, good at everyting and all the time arranged, and in Star Darlings is about Gemma. Leona is a girl that know what is very importing to succeed in real life: self-confidence. She wanted to become a pop-star, and that's what she is now! Libby is the girl from Star Darlings that all the time is positively and try to make all she's friends be like her. Piper is like a true poet who loves to write poetry and maditate. She's power is reading the mind! In the Star Darling show we have freshmans too, like Sage who dreamed all the life to become a student in Star Academy, and now he is in. Scarlet is very independend and you might think that she is not a true Star girl. We have a girl that loves cooking and her name is Tessa. The last main character from the show is named Vega, a second year girl in Star Academy who is a perfectionist that learns to trust she's instincts. In this show named Star Darling we have many other characters like Bot-Bot, Vivica, Ganymede, Lady Stella, Lady Cordial, Professor Findly Claxworth, Dolores Raye, Elara Ursa, Rupert Dag, Nicola Cecelia, Margaret Dumarre, Lucretia Delphinus and Illumia Wiches that are professors. We hope that you will love to play our girl games from Star Darling Games and don't forget to come back for more fun! Rate our games if you liked them and remember that you play on!