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One of the newest Disney XD Games categories on our website is the Star vs the Forces of Evil Games one, where we have the pleasure of offering you a great many deal of interesting games with even more interesting characters and adventures, so make sure you don't miss out on playing Star vs the Forces of Evil Games on our website!

The Star vs the Forces of Evil Games category was created in 12.05.2016 and from there we added more than 19 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 191 times and the best game from Star vs the Forces of Evil Games it's Star vs The Dungeon of Evil.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 18.01.2018 which it's Prank-a-thon 5000.

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Star vs the Forces of Evil Games is the latest Disney XD Games category which has been created for, where you can always find all your favorite games based on your favorite characters from any Disney-related propriety! We created the Star vs the Forces of Evil Games category because we want our website to be able to bring joy to all the children and teens who visit it, by finding their favorite characters in some of the best games on the internet. Well, we hope that we managed that with the Star vs the Forces of Evil Games page, and that if you are already a fan, you won't waste any time, and that you will start to play this games as soon as possible! But, if you reached the Star vs the Forces of Evil Games page and you are not familiar with the show, it's settings or it's characters, and you would like some more information before you start playing the Star vs the Forces of Evil Games here, you can just keep reading this description, where we plan to offer you all the information you need, and we hope to convince you that these games need to be played and that they are really fun! As we said, Star vs the Forces of Evil airs on Disney XD, and it is a show aimed primarily towards teenagers, and while on this channel most of the shows are made for boys, this one is made by a woman, and the protagonist is a girl, Star. But, star is not a regular girls, as she is not even a girl from Earth. No, she comes from Mewni, which is a whole different dimension, where she is a magical princess. Not on Earth though, here she is just a normal teenage girl. You may be wondering why she is on Earth in the first place. Well, after she received a magical wand for her 14th birthday, she set the house on fire by accident, so her parents tought it would be good for her to spend time on Earth as a foreign exchange student, and get more responsable in the process. On Earth, she becomes friends with Marco, and lives with his family. The two work together to make sure Star's magical wand does not get into the hands of the villain Ludo, who also comes from Mewni, and who has an army of monsters at his disposal. Well, that is what you have to know about the series, and we hope that we managed to make you pumped up for playing Star vs the Forces of Evil Games, only here, on www.friv-games-today! Here, you will play games where you have to battle and catch all sorts of monsters, but also play more usual games, like memory games or puzzle games. Each of the games in the Star vs the Forces of Evil Games category is worth a shot, so we encourage you to play them all. Also, don't forget to invite your friends on our website, so that they can play all these awesome games too!