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Star Wars Games is one of the best categories of games that we have on our website, without one doubt, so browse it right now, and in no time at all you will find something awesome to play, guaranteed. That is only because we have made sure to find you the most awesome Star Wars Games available, and offer them to you all for free!

The Star Wars Games category was created in 28.05.2017 and from there we added more than 62 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 101 times and the best game from Star Wars Games it's Star Wars Character Creator.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 03.05.2019 which it's Darth Vader Hair Salon.

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We are just delighted that on you can now find Star Wars Games, which is one of the most important categories of games that we have on our website, and one which we have no doubt at all that it is going to become one of the most visited ones, and that is simply because Star Wars is without a doubt the most popular franchise in the world at the moment, and it has been so for quite some time actually, ever since in 1976 we saw the first adventure of Luke Skywalker and his friends, and with that first movie, George Lucas managed to revolutionize movies, especially the sci-fi genre. It is very rarely that there is a movie that becomes such a phenomenon as Star Wars was, since even now the franchise is going very strong, with people of all ages enjoying this world, as grandparents showed the movies to their children, and then those children eventuall showed them to their children. With a franchise as popular as this, it is no wonder at all that we needed a category of Star Wars Games on our website, since there are so many children wanting to play such games, as they have Star Wars media all around them. In 2015, the franchise saw the release of it’s seven movie, the first sequel to the original trilogy, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, meaning that many children saw that movie for the first time, and since we get a new movie in 2017 as well, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and every year in-between we also get an anthology movie, like Star Wars: Rogue One in 2016, there must be so many people wanting to play Star Wars Games, a need which we want to fullfill. Of course, then we have the many animated series, like the ones currently airing on Disney XD, Star Wars: Rebels, and Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, and in the past we also had Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a prequel animated series, and based on all fo these series and movies, there have been many online games created, games which we are going to make sure to bring you into one place, on our website, all in the Star Wars Games category, which is a category everyone must visit on our website! Like we said, the phenomenon started in 1976, with the first movie, in which Luke Skywalker teamed up with Han Solo and Princess Leia in order to destroy the Death Star, an immense device which can literally shatter planets and solar systems. In this quest, Luke Skywalker found out that he is a Jedi, a type of warrior which has been thought to be extinct, and only a legend by everyone in the galaxy. The Jedi use the light side of the force, a mystical power, with which they use their lightsabers to fight, and their role is to bring balance to the force, which is made out of the dark side and the light side. The representatives of the dark side are the Sith, who are represented by Darth Vader. Throught this movie and it’s two sequels, Luke clashes with the Sith, finding out that Darth Vader is his father, defeating him, and ultimately bringing balance to the force. Then, in 1999 we got to see The Phantom Menace, beginning a series of three prequel movies, in which we saw how Anakin Skywalker turned from being the promised savior of the Jedi to the infamous Darth Vader, as well as different characters in their youth, revealing the beginnings of the Empire, which was a Republic before. Now, in 2015, we return to the beloved characters, as we now have a new generation of Jedi emerging, through Rey, the heroine of this new trilogy, who has to find Luke Skywalker, and help the Rebellion fight with the new sith lords, lead by the Kylo Ren, the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia, who has now turned to the dark side of the force. Well, we think that most of you knew all of these things, and you are more curious about what kinds of Star Wars Games you get to play on this page. Well, the answer is simple: all kinds! You will be able to find action games, adventure games, skill games, puzzle games, strategy games, and all sorts of others, with one thing being guranteed, which is that you can never get bored while playing Star Wars Games, especially on our website! Now you know all there is to know about this category, meaning it is now up to you to start browsing the page, finding games that you are interested in playing, and giving them a go! Remember all the time that the best place to find and play Star Wars Games is always going to be our website!