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Play the newst Cartoon Network games with all your favorite characters like Steven, Pearl, Garnet, Yellow Diamond, Rose Quartz, Period, Alexandrite and others. Save the world and the galaxy by helping Steve to complete all the misions!

The Steven Universe Games category was created in 03.03.2016 and from there we added more than 48 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 1502 times and the best game from Steven Universe Games it's Beach City Volleyball.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 01.11.2019 which it's Beach City Turbo Volleyball.

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Where back with more fun for you, a new series of games from Cartoon Network with our new friend, Steven! The show was presented on Cartoon Network in 2013 and from then he gathered many fans. The main story of the show is about Steven and how he see the world like one of the Crystal Gems, a team of guardians that have a greate job, to protect our world and the entire galaxy! The games from Steven Universe Games are very interesting and captivating with various characters and stories. One more important thing about this show is that is the first Cartoon Network show that is made by a solo female. We have a bunch of new characters with different thinking and acting and all togheter make a good show to watch and good games to play. We will try that in every day like today to add a new Steven Universe game for our players. Forwards we will speak about the main characters and some of the most symbolic characters from the show like Steven Universe - the main character, Garnet, Pearl, Period, Malachite, Amethyst and others. He have 4 big categories of characters like Crystal Gems, Fusions, Homeworld Gems and Humans. We will start to talk about some fighters from Crystal Gems like Period, an old Homeworld Gem member but now he is in team with Steven. Period has a lime-green skin and what is interesting is that we don't know exactly the color of her eyes, but we guess that are green or a sort of. At a first meeting you will think that she is morose and ruthless but it's not like that because she just love what she does, fighting for the gems. She have some beautiful weapons like Modern Gem Technology which helps her to fight with enemies. One of the best characters from the show is the tall girl named Alexandrite which is a fusion from Ruby, Amethyst and Pearl. She is very strong and she is an guardian for the team. She have an incredibile force on the battlefield and she love to be like that. She have a big green hair and a pinky skin color and... 6 arms! Alexandrite have incredible amounts of stamina, physical strenght, force, and strategi thinking and with her long legs she can run like light. Steven Universe Games will contain a lot of characters like Garnet, another main character form the show who is a fusion between Ruby and Sapphire, a greate fighter and a member of Crystal Gems team. She is kind of Steven mom, but we are not so sure about it. Garnet is the leader of the group, a girl that is totally in control of everyting everytime everywhere. If you think that all she does is to make good strategy fights plans you are wrong because she just jump in the middle of fight and take care of all the team. When some members from the team arguing be sure that she will shoothe the characters. Pearl is one of the original members from Crystal Gems and she is the last survivor from Earth. If you look at her you din't think that she is purely lethal; she is an incredible skilled fighter, like a real samurai, incredible precise and focus on the fight. She have an incredible powerfull weapon, a spear which helps her in the fights. Pearl have some interesting nicknames like Pierogi, P, wonder nerd, a fancy one or hot one. We know one important thing about Pearl and it's about her personality: she is perfectionist. She love to be all the time with a step ahead the team and know everyting. We have a lot of characters for the players from to present but we are sure that you are here for the games, not the informations about the show. But we are near the end of the presentations with the Steven Universe Games characters. We are at Rose Quartz, the former of Crystal Gemrs that fight with GemHomeworld for more that 5.500 years! She have a long pinky hair, a greate dress, a sword and a big shield. She love to fight with her son Steven. And we are here, at the main character of the show, Steven Quartz Universe, half human, half gem and a true hero of the show. He is very powerfull, he have power that are above human or gems powers and he want to be an iconic fighter just like his mother. The team calls him in many ways, Serious Steven, Warp Master, Jam Bud, Biscuit or Little Man. He have 14 years old and the only weapon that owns is a shield from his mother. He altmost love everyting, he is very excited about everyting and this is one of his power! You will know Steve from the curly brown hair, big black eyes, the blue jeans and the pinky shirt with a big start on it. Steven Universe is capable to use magical power but he posses some unique abilities like shield proficiency, projectile shield, shield vibration, fluctuating age, healing, phytokinesis, enhanced strenght, and a lot more! One sad fact about the show is that our here, Steven Universe never knows his mother, Rose. Further from now we will just calling some important names from Steven Universe Games. In the Crystal Gems team we have more good fighters like Amethyst, Sardonyx, Sapphire, Ruby, Sugilite, Opal, Rainbow Quartz, Stevonnie and Purple Puma. We have various fusions like Alexandrite, Malachite, Garnet, Sardonyx, Fusion Gems, Opal, The Cluster and Cluster Gems. Our theam is fighting with Homeworld Gems that is composed by Lapis Lazuli, Yellow Diamond, Jasper, Blue Diamond, Minor Gem Characters, The Great Diamond Authority and many more fighters. The last category of fighters or characters from the show is formed by humans like Steven Universe, Stevonnie, Connie, Greg, Vidalia, Onion, Sadie, Sour, Lars, Bill, Marty, Mearl and a lot more. We will have some good games like The perils of Pweepwee, Let's Bubble It, Steven!, Meat Beat Mania, Gem Bound, Steve Tag, Golf quest Mini, Road Killer, Virtua Teens of Rage, Skee Ball, and games that are playable online like Attack the Light, Crystal Gem Smash, Gem Bound, Goat Guardian, Heap of Trouble and Sword Dancers. In the end of our presentation we wish you good luck and have a great time playing all the games from Steven Universe Games. Don't forget to get back for more fun and games with Steven Universe from Cartoon Network!