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The Strategy Games category was created in 21.03.2017 and from there we added more than 268 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 95 times and the best game from Strategy Games it's VeraTowers.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 21.11.2019 which it's Paper War.

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We now want to kindly welcome all of you to the amazing page of Strategy Games from our website,, where we are always doing our utmost best in order to bring you as many wonderful games as possible, something which we believe we succeed in doing every day, which is why you keep revisiting our website daily. Well, in order to add games on our website, we need categories in which to put these games, and one of the categories that we have created for our website is this one, called Strategy Games, which is a category that belongs on any website with flash games that respects it's fan base, mostly because there are so many games that fit into this category out there, meaning they are both popular and fun to play, because otherwise, they would not have been made in the first place, would they? One thing that makes this category an important one is the fact that it will not include just Strategy Games that are purely that, but games from other categories on our website, especially games based on shows, which have a strategy element in it, so they also find their place on this page as well, in addition to their main page. Then we have the many exclusively Strategy Games, which are games which have been made specially for fans of strategy, which is a big number of people all over the world. That is one of the wonderful aspects of a category like Strategy Games. It can draw in not only children, but adults as well, since when it comes to games, older people do not really play them, but strategy ones are different, because they are more about thinking than about having fun. They are still a lot of fun, though, because thinking is fun, and it will always be. We couldn't stand the chance of not creating a Strategy Games category for our website as well, where we hope to be able to bring you all as many wonderful games as possible, and for that to make you keep coming back on our website all of the time, to see what new games we have brought into this category, and the many others we have on our website. Now, we are going to use the remaining space we have in this description to tell you about certain types of games which we plan to add on this page or we have already added, so that you can have a general idea about what to expect from this category. Of course, all of the explaining in the world that we could do in this description is not going to present the games as well as playing them can, so we hope that you will start playing them immediately, and see for yourself that they are really as worth it as we say! Many games with strategy are set in a medieval world, or a fantastic medieval world, like it is the case with games like Dragon Fortress, or Clash of Legends, where you will not only have a lot of action, but a lot of strategy to think about. Of course, this extends to war games or military games, as in combat strategy is often times the deciding factor in wars, not numbers or weapons. You might even go to the Wild West, or into the future, and take part in all sorts of intergalactic skirmishes. Some highlights of the category include games like Plants Vs Zombies, or Starcraft, games which are already popular in their original medium, which have been brought into the world of flash games, where they are just as popular. Tower Defense Games are also worth including in this category, even though they often times have their own separate page, because in them, you have to think of the best strategy to create your kingdom and defend it from all those who seek to attack it. Doesn't the category sound just awesome, and filled with really interesting games? Sure it does, which is why we invite you all to start playing the games right now, because that is the best way to see that what we are saying is true, and we are sure that you are going to have amazing gaming experiences with all of the games we have added so far on this page, and with all of the games we are going to add here in the future. We are going to make sure that the Strategy Games category is as diverse as possible, so that all those who come to it and play games from it, will never be able to get bored, and the fun will never stop. Give these games a try right this second, and we guarantee you that you are not going to look back for one second!