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Welcome everyone to the Stuart Little Games category, where you are going to find one after the other awesome games, all of which we recommend, especially since you can't find this series of games so well done on any other websites, that's for sure!

The Stuart Little Games category was created in 02.12.2017 and from there we added more than 6 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 4 times and the best game from Stuart Little Games it's Stuart's Xtreme Skateboarding.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 06.12.2017 which it's Stuart's Air Adventure.

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Stuart Little Games is a category of games that you do not have the chance to find on many other website, honestly, so it is great that you are now on, where we offer these games to our visitors, and we have worked very hard towards finding all of the available online Stuart Little Games, and putting them into one place. There was not any other website that has done that before, considering that the original movie dates way back since 1999, so there are probably not that many children in present days that know about the characters, but those who are lucky to discover the movie through streaming or through some other form, will definitely be interested in playing Stuart Little Games, which they are going to be able to do for free right here, on our website, where daily we make sure to bring our visitors the best content on the internet when it comes to online games. Our administrative team is older, so we have seen the movie years back, and we have fond memories of it, which is why when we remembered, we knew that we had to create this category and share these games with you all, since there was no way we would not share these fun games with you all. Now, most of you who are probably reading this description are doing it because you have no idea who Stuart Little is, and why you should play online games featuring him, and if that is the case, then we invite you to continue reading this description, because in the next part of it we are going to share with you details about what the movie is about, who are the characters in it, and finally, we are also going to share with you what kinds of Stuart Little Games you will be able to find and play on our website, for free, of course, so we are positive that after reading all of these incredible things, you will waste no time at all, but instead start playing the games immediately, and having a blast! Stuart is a little white charming mouse, who is adopted by the Little family, which is why he is called Stuart Little, and then has to integrate himself with this new family, mainly with his adoptive brother, with whom he has a rocky start of a relationship, but they eventually grow closer as a family. Obviously, the cat of the house is not agreeing with having a mouse as her master, so often times she is trying to get rid of Stuart, which is where many of their adventures come from, and there are lots of comedic moments. With the first movie in the series, Stuart slowly develops relationships with the Little family, becoming an important part of it by the end of the movie, with the other parts in the franchise having all sorts of interesting adventures together with them and other characters in this universe. As you can see, the premise is a very interesting one, and for a movie from 1999, it is very well done, mixing CGI with live-action scenes very well, and we honestly believe that the movie has managed to stood the test of time, for which we are very happy. Of course, Stuart Little Games are also timeless, considering that they mainly consist of coloring games, racing games, dress up games, puzzle games, hidden objects games, skill games, adventure games, and the like, all of which we highly recommend, and we are telling you that you can play them easily even if you have no idea what the movie is about. They are all explained both in-game and in the descriptions, so there are no way you will not do a great job playing them! You should definitely play them all, and not only that, but we hope that you are going to share this page of Stuart Little Games with your friends, weather by telling them directly when you meet them, or through social media, so that no one is going to be able to say they did not know about these games, and to see that fun games are even better when they are shared with other people. As for us, we have told you everything we wanted to tell you about these games, so now we can only invite you to play them, and see that for yourself, because there is frankly no other way! Also, when you are done playing these games, do not hesitate to visit the Categories page, where you will be able to find hundreds of other categories, all filled with amazing games, so we have no doubt at all that no matter your taste in games, you are going to find something you like here!