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Welcome everyone to Summer Camp Island Games, which is a brand new category of Cartoon Network Games that we are very happy we have created for our website, since we expect that lots of awesome games are going to be added in it in the future, something we will make sure of, as we want all of our categories to be as great as possible!

The Summer Camp Island Games category was created in 31.03.2018 and from there we added more than 3 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 10 times and the best game from Summer Camp Island Games it's Summer Camp Island Christmas Camp.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 27.06.2019 which it's Magical Meal.

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Welcome all to Summer Camp Island Games, which is yet another brand new category of Cartoon Network Games that we are very excited we get to share with you all on our website, where recently we have made a mission to make sure that we create categories of games for the upcoming shows that are going to air this year on this network, since we know that shows from this channel are almost always world-wide hits, and we have quite a lot of confidence in these ones as well. When a show is really popular, children from all over the world want to play games based on it, and the best place that they will be able to do so will always be our website, because we have always been first ones to create categories for the newest shows on television, and that trend is going to continue for a long, long time. We have also seen that previous similar categories have also been very well received, so what are the chances that the same thing is not going to be true for Summer Camp Island Games as well? Now, we realize that the moment we have created this category is way ahead of the release date, of which we know nothing about so far, as the show is going to be released sometimes in the summer. Still, there are enough images out there, as well as details of this show for us to be confident in the creation of this series, as well as the creation of online Summer Camp Island Games, as our administrative team knows how to make original games, all of which are usually very well received, because we make original games, and really fun and diverse ones, which is another reason why so many children keep coming back here. Now, there are chances that you are reading this when the show will already have been aired, and are already fans of it, and if that is the case, we do not think that you have reasons to stay around this description any more, as what you want to be doing is playing games with your favorite characters, and that can be done without reading this. Of course, the same is true even if you have no idea what this world is about, but in case you are more of a curious child, or a parent wanting to know what their children are going to play, then you can continue reading this description for the Summer Camp Island Games category, where you will now find what the show is about, and who are the main characters in it, and if you have been not quite decided if you want to play these games when you started reading this, you will certainly want to try them when you are done! This world features both animals that talk and act like humans, but humans as well. Two best friends are going to be at the center of these adventures, named Oscar, who is an elephant, and Hedgehog, who you already know what animal he is from his name. One day, the two best friends are dropped off at a really surreal summer camp, which is the main place that these adventures you will see on the screen are going to take place. There are always al sorts of bizzare and unique things happening in the camp, some of which we are going to mention right now. For example, we have the camp counselors, who in this show are popular girls who also know magic. There are horses that transform into unicorns, sharks that talk, places where you can travel to another dimension, and monsters that live under the beds of children. The two friends have to deal with anything that this fantastical place is going to throw at them, and make sure that their experience there is as awesome as possible, and make a great summer of their stay there! Well, after reading all of this, there is no way at all that you have not become quite interested in this show, but even more so in these Summer Camp Island Games, which might be puzzle games, memory games, coloring games, bejeweled games or connection games, as we expect all sorts of them to be added here, making the category diverse and interesting! We want to invite you to start playing the games at once, but not only that, as we also invite you to tell all of your friends about Friv Games Today as well, so that they also come here, and find a world filled with some of the most amazing online games on the internet, of which they might not even have known of. Come back daily, if you want to be up to date with the latest games on the internet!