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Sunny Day Games like on our website you do not get to find anywhere else, so you should really not miss the opportunity to play these games for anything in the world! Give them a chance right now, and something tells us you will not regret taking this decision at all!

The Sunny Day Games category was created in 30.08.2017 and from there we added more than 7 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 592 times and the best game from Sunny Day Games it's Smiling and Styling with Sunny.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 18.12.2018 which it's Nick Jr Happy Holidays Resort.

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The Sunny Day Games category is one of the newest categories of Nickelodeon Games we have created for our website, as the show that it is based on, also called Sunny Day, is a brand new show that started airing in August of 2017 on Nickelodeon in the United States, and after we have seen that there are no Sunny Day Games available on the internet even one month after the release of the show, we knew that we could not waste any time at all, but instead we should created the category and create some original Sunny Day Games ourselves, games which are now available for you to play for free on our website, where you will always be able to find the most interesting and fun games on the internet! With the creation of this category, we once again prove that we always provide our visitors with the newest categories and games on the internet, and we hope to convince you that it is on our website that you should always come first if you are looking for great games to play, since we will always have them here for everyone from all over the world! Now, one thing we hope from the show is that it is going to go past one season, and it will become popular, so that we can bring you more and more games based on it here, games which we have no doubt at all you will enjoy a lot. If you have not seen the show before, which might be the case since it has recently begun airing, so not everyone has caught up with it, then you might want to know more about it before you start playing our Sunny Day Games, and that is not a problem at all, since that is the reason why we always create these descriptions. In the next part of this one you are going to find out all you have to know about what the show is about, who are the characters that you are going to interact with in the games, and of course, when we are done with that part, we are also going to tell you what kinds of games have so far been added on our website on this page, and we are sure that after you read about them, the first thing that you will want to do is play them immediately. The show takes place in Friendly Falls, a town by the seaside, and we follow the daily life of Sunny, a hairstylist with her own salon. She has employees at the salon, who are also her friends, and they are Rox and Blair, and another character we often seen in the show is her pet dog Doodle. The main aspect of the show is that through it’s stories we can see Sunny and her friends solve all sorts of problems, with the help of her friends, and it also shows a girl in the position of having her own business and leading, which is something we do not often see in the world of animation, and it provides a really good image for girls all over the world. Now, let’s give you some extra information about the three main characters: Sunny drives a van called the Glam Van, Rox is a skilled skateboarder, and Blair always carries a tablet to make sure that the salon goes well all the time. We found the premise really interesting, and the characters as well, so we really hope that you have done so as well, and if that is the case, let us now tell you abou what kinds of Sunny Day Games you can find so far on this page, and we meant to specify that, because we are sure that in the future more and more interesting games are going to be added on this page. Well, so far, in the category you get to find one game, which is called Sunny Day Coloring Book, where you will do what you might have realized from the title, and that is color different pages featuring the wonderful characters of this Nickelodeon show. In the future, we have no doubt that we are going to provide you with more games with these characters, and even more original games, especially if we do not find too many of them online. Now, we have told you everything that we wanted to say concerning this category, so the first thing that you should do right now is browse this page and find a game that you are interested in playing, and play it right away! We have no doubt at all you will have fun, so remember to also tell all of your friends about our Sunny Day Games, since they might also want to have lots of fun playing them!