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From Cartoon Network a new category it's coming. Just for our players here you will find the newst games with Kevin, Tyler, Shope and Roach.

The SuperNoobs Games category was created in 08.02.2016 and from there we added more than 23 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 31 times and the best game from SuperNoobs Games it's Supernoobs Battleball Bout.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 04.09.2017 which it's Supernoobs Jigsaw Puzzle.

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Welcome back here on where dear friends we always try to find the best and the most interesting games for you to play, and all the famous games categories to appear filled with your favourite games. Today, we have for you a new games category, in which dear friends will have the chance to have a lot of fun, because the main characters are very young, bold and energetic just like all the kids here on This new games category is called Supernoobs, and in this games category you will have the chance to meet four 12 year olds that are the main characters in this new online Supernoobs games category. These kids are best friends, they come from Canada and they are in middle school, like plenty of our kids here on The main characters names are Kevin, Tyler, Shope and Roach which love playing video games, and so they try to live like in a video game, and now they are in the stage of fighting microcosmic game assassins infecting earthlings bent on destroying them and the entire world. This mission is not very easy, so they always will gonna need your help. You will be an essential team asset, so you will have to be very careful and concentrated in every game you play from the Supernoobs games category. Of course, Kevin, Tyler, Shope and Roach aren the only Supernoobs. The gang has several kids inroled, and they are called civilians and the Supernoobs are doing all they can to save them from all the evils of the world. All the action of the series and the games are based on their middle school grounds, so you will meet a lot of kids from school, faculty people and even the principal that you will meet in the game as the Principal. Other people that you amy meet in the games are Jock Jockerson, Amy Anderson, Sue Newswoman, Mr. and Mrs. Shope, Mrs. Bowman, Mr. and Mrs. Roachmont and Coach Huntz. These are all the other characters from the series, that we are sure you will meett in the future games. These characters are some allied with the Supernoobs, and some against them, so you will have to be very careful to be able to decide which is from which team and so you will be able to win every game with as many points as you can, and we dear friends will see what a good team you and the Supernoobs make and bring you more and more games from this new and fun games category to play with all your friends here on