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Welcome all and all over to the Taffy Games category, which is one of our newest categories of Boomerang Games, where we have no doubt at all that you are going to have a blast playing all of our games, especially since we were the first ones to bring them to you and show you how awesome they are!

The Taffy Games category was created in 07.01.2019 and from there we added more than 2 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 3 times and the best game from Taffy Games it's Taffy Jigsaw Puzzle.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 02.11.2019 which it's Taffy Jigsaw Puzzle.

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Taffy is one of the newest series that currently airs on Boomerang, so of course, just like always, we have created a category of games for it, since our website is always constantly trying to expand our content, because the more games that we can bring you, the better, and the way we can achieve that is if we keep bringing and creating new categories. We are even more interested in new series that are airing, and since this was the latest one to air on Boomerang, and it already has games for it on the internet, we knew that we had to bring it next. Cats and dogs have always been a staple when it comes to children’s animation, so if this one features them, we are not at all surprised that it has already become a great hit, and it has garnered a lot of interest from audiences all over the world. Now, we are happy to say that we have been the first ones to create this category and bring you new and interesting games in it, so you can rest assured that in the future, when this show becomes even more popular, we will always be the first ones to bring you new games that are based upon it. Now, we are sure that some of you might have already caught up with the show and saw it, and that is why you are here in the first place, but, if you have not, don’t worry, as this following part of the description teaches you all you need to know about the premise, characters, and setting of the show, and of course, when we are done with that, we will also tell you about what kind of Taffy Games are going to be available here, so everything that you want to know regarding this page is going to be found here, so keep on reading, so when you are done with this, you will surely want to give these games a try at once! Munchmore Manor is the setting of the show, where we follow the characters of Mrs. Munchmore, and Bentley, her beloved dog that wears a red bow. Scruggs, a raccoon, is always watching the manor and looks at the amazing food that is delivered to them all the time. He wants to have a bit of it as well, so what does he think he will do? Well, he disguises himself as a really cute kitten, so that he infiltrates the manner and eats all of the wonderful food there is! While you think that such a plan would never work, well, you are wrong, since Mrs. Munchmore decides to adopt him, name him Taffy, love him and give him food. All are great, no? Well, not really, since Bentley knows that Taffy is an imposter, and would do anything to expose him, so the show follows him as he tries to do so, from where lots of interesting and comedic moments happen, with the antics presented on-screen never being boring at all! Well, now that we have got you familiar with the world and characters of this show, you must be curious about what kinds of Taffy Games you will be able to find and play here, no? Well, so far, the only game available is Taffy Match-Up, which, by the title, you can already realize that it is a matching game, one with which we are sure you are going to have a tremendous time from start to finish, just like we have had! Of course, we expect that in the future there are going to be all sorts of other games here, one more different than the other, and we are going to work hard to make the category a diverse one, where all fans of the show can find what they love about this world, and even non-fans can have a great time with the games offered! Well, now that you know all this, start playing Taffy Games, and enjoy your time here! You know what else you could do? Well, you will be finished with these games at a certain point, but that does not mean your time on our website must end! We have hundreds of interesting categories, and thousands of games available, so we recommend you check them out when you finished playing Taffy Games, and have fun for as long as you want to, like only on our website is possible, where fun never stops, since awesome games are brought to you always!