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In 2017, on Disney Channel, you will get to reunite with some of your favorite characters from Disney, as the show called Tangled Before Ever After is going to start airing at the beginning of the year, and since we know how much children want to play Tangled Games and Rapunzel Games even now, we are sure that with the release of the show, these games are going to be even more looked for, which is why we have created the Tangled Before Ever After Games, knowing very well that you are going to search for them after the premiere. Who will not? Tangled, the 2010 3D animated motion picture from Disney Animation was one of the best well-received movies of the year, and one of the highest-grossing ones as well. While the creators of the movie decided that a sequel movie would be out of place, since Rapunzel's hair was cut short at the end of it, so her story was finished, the franchise continues on throught specials and shows like this one. Tangled: Ever After was a 2012 special animated short film depicting the moments before the wedding of Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder, in a short but very sweet adventure. Well, Tangled: Before Ever After is a show that is going to take place before the 2012 short film and after the movie, and will bring a great new story, returning characters, and new characters as well. We are sure that the series is going to be immensly popular, just like most shows on Disney Channel are, which in turn is going to hopefully make you want to play Tangled Before Ever After Games, which is what we hope that you will be doing only on, the best website for all your favorite Disney Games! We are sure that you want to know more about the show before you start playing Tangled Before Ever After Games, which is why we put some information in the following lines of this description, which we know encourage you to read! In the show, we are going to see Rapunzel get to know her parents, her kingdom, and the different people in Corona. She puts her crown and her marriage on hold, and starts going on crazy adventures, in order to learn more about this new world she is living with, as she needs to learn more about her kingdom and it's people before she accepts her royal destiny. Of course, alongside her there will be her boyfriend, Eugene, or Flynn Ryder, Pascal, Maximus, and a new character called Cassandra, who is going to be not only Rapunzel's hand-maiden, but one of her confidants. There is no way you will not enjoy the series, just like you are going to enjoy playing Tangled Before Ever After Games, which are going to include adventure games, dress up games, make up games, makeover games, haircut games, puzzle games, skill games, coloring games, and many, many other formats, because there are many types of Rapunzel Games available, and you can be sure that we will do our best to provide you with them all! Waste no time, and start playing the most awesome Tangled Before Ever After Games on the internet right now, only on!