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We are very happy that we have a category of Tangled Games, since this is a category that keeps on giving, as there are countless of awesome games with these characters that we have offered you, and which we want to provide to you as well. Browse this page full of Tangled Games right now, and see for yourself how awesome they are!

The Tangled Games category was created in 23.05.2017 and from there we added more than 395 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 244 times and the best game from Tangled Games it's Tangled: Double Trouble.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 28.02.2020 which it's Princesses at Gucci Opening Party.

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On we want to always be able to bring you the most wonderful new games on the internet, and since Rapunzel Games are more popular than ever, and new games with these characters show up on the internet almost on a daily basis, we could not not create a category of Tangled Games on our website, a category on the page of which you find yourself right now, and which we believe is only made more popular by the currently-running Tangled: Before Ever After show on Disney Channel, for which we even have a category called Tangled Before Ever After Games, which we believe that you should certainly check out as well, although you will see that the Tangled Games is going to include more games than that one, since this one is more general, so if you love this universe very much, then trust us: this is the place to be! Tangled was a real hit back in 2010 when the movie aired in cinemas, and marked a new beginning for Disney movies, with more of their movies using the same animation used in that one, and with more lovely Disney princesses being created all of the time. It has been quite some time, but Rapunzel finally made her way into the world of Disney movies, since they love to make animated pictures based on classic fairy tales, and Rapunzel is a classic, and it was definitely worth it to make the animated adaptation, since the movie was a box-office hit, and since then, the franchise has only expanded more and more. Tangled: Ever After was an animated short showing the lives of the main characters after the movie, and now, in 2017, we have the Tangled: The Series animated show, or it’s companion televison movie, Tangled: Before Ever After, which show the story of the characters between the movie and the short, as we still have a Rapunzel with long hair, since at the end of the film and in the short, she had cut her hair shorter. Now, any game that is based on any of these components in the franchise, you are going to be able to find and play on our website, on this page of Tangled Games, and we are absolutely certain that you will enjoy each of the games, and not get bored at all. Now, if you want to know more about this world before you start playing Tangled Games, and if you want to know some things about what sorts of games are going to be made available here, then make sure you read this description to the end, where we are going to offer you all of this information, and more. Well, in the movie, we saw Rapunzel, who is a girl locked in a tower, with really long hair and who loves to read, escape from the tower together with Flynn, a thief, and his friend Pascal. The two then embark on an incredible journey, meeting all sorts of new friends and foes alike, and by the end of the movie, the two, Flynn and Rapunzel get married, and they both learn valuable lessons, just like the audience watching them. In the Tangled Series, we get to see even more adventures, as Rapunzel now has to rule a kingdom together with Flynn, and since they are both new to this life, they have to work hard, and they have a lot of interesting and comedic adventures, as they figure out how to rule a country. It is not that easy, trust us, but it is a joy watching the characters try doing it. As for the Tangled Games which you will be able to find and play on our website, we are now going to tell you about them, so keep reading! Well, the games on this page can range from dress up games, makeover games, make-up games, kissing games, doctor games, to more simple ones like memory games, coloring games, or hidden objects games. You can have all sorts of adventure games as well, and you are going to be able to interact with these characters and their world unlike you have ever done before, so you have all of the reasons to stay with us and keep playing our games from this category! Well, that was really all that we thought you needed to know about our category of Tangled Games, which means that right now we can only invite you once more to give these games a chance, and have a really awesome time, like you do with all of our other games as well. Do you not belive us? Well, then just browse the rest of our categories, and we are sure that you will soon find we have more to offer than Tangled Games, and that this site could be the most fun you have ever visited!