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If you like to play the latest fight games with superheroes you may consider our new category where Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy and Silkie try to fight with the crime from Jump City and stop Slade.

The Teen Titans Go Games category was created in 09.03.2016 and from there we added more than 64 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 4321 times and the best game from Teen Titans Go Games it's Teen Titans Go Jump Jousts.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 10.07.2019 which it's BTS Titans Coloring Book.

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We are very happy to announce you the newst category game that has been added on, just for our players, a category that was inspired by a show named Teen Titans Go from Cartoon Network. Here you will find the latest games with Teen Titans Go where you will have to help our new friends to finish all the games because we know that their are players too like Cyborg and Beastboy who playes all the day on console. This show is about heroes, superheroes who fight with villians to stop them from take the control over the city. They manage with other friends to stop crimes and creating a powerfull team named Teen Titans Go where 5 friends, Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy are in a continuous fight. They are teens so they have a lot of fun playing games, joking around and acting fool. From time to time all the team is getting ready for a Hero Party on their home with other friends. In the Tower, where our friends are spending their free time is a permanent chaos between the strict regime of Raven and the all day funny Beast Boy. Maybe you don't know, but Teen Titans Go was nominated for 2016 Kid's Choice Award, and this year is the second one where they were nominated. But for the Teen Titans Go fans with sorry we say that they are not the winners, instead won Spongebob Squarepants. At Teen Titans Go Games you will find games with all main characters like the Teen Titans team composed by Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy and Silkie! Forwards we will talk about Robin, the leader of the group. His real name is Richard "Dick" Grayson and he leads all the team being a perfectionist and knowing so much about fighting and strategy. If you like Batman you probably know that Robin was the left hand of Batman, kicking all the asses from Ghotam City and fighting with crime. In one day Robin decided that is the time to move on and moved into Jump City where the Teen Titans GO team was created. Being a student of Batman, Robin have a great skill when we talk about fighting but he have some great abilites despite he is the only human from the team like leadership, skilled hand to hand combat, lock picking, intimidation, mental resistance, master acrobat and from time to time he take some pills and have super strenght, flight, super speed, heat vision and others. An important story is between Robin and Red X who looks like him. In the free time Robin is inlove with Starfire but they are not togheter yet... will they be? Robin's true love, Starfire is one more main categoriy from Teen Titans Go Games. She's real name is Koriand'r and she is a princess from Tamaran planed. She was forced to move on Earth when Gordanians invaded the planet so she came into Teen Titans to help combating the villians. She is very funny, espacially when se don't get a word meaning, so you will hearing a lot of questions from Starfire. Starfire have a older sister named Blackfire and when se came for visiting the eart, Starfire was in a continuous change shaving her hair off, tattoos on her arms, and all this just to impress her sister. She have many superpowers because she is an extra-terrestrial. She can flight, she have superhuman strenght, speed, agility, durabilitty, endurance and she can adapt in outer-space. One of the most strogest tittans from the show is Cyborg with his real name Victor Stone, an old member of the team. He is a cyborg, a half-teen half-robot fighter who love to fight and play games; and eating pizza! In past he had a beautiful life until a tragic accident killed his mother and destroyed almost all his body. But he have a genius scientist dad who was able to save him, and manage to construct a real cyborg, half human and half robot. If you think that after that all was good, you're wrong, because he was rejected and bullied by all the kids so he moved in Jump City and after some times in a night he entered in Teen Titans Go team! Being a robot he have some nice abilities like superhuman strenght, durability, flight but he can fire with lunchers, cannons and he can detache his head! We have many other characters to talk about in Teen Titans Go Games, characters that you will be able to play with in our new games from Cartoon Network. You may know that on we have a special section named Our Games where we post our fan made games that are practically made for you and other players and gamers! We continue our short brief about Teen Titans Go with Raven also known as Rachel Roth, and she have an incerdible story about herself. All starts when a diabolic demon named Trigon wants that Arella Roth to be her wife but she didn't want that because she was a human. After a while Arella travel in Trigon's universe where she tried to commit suicide. She eventually escape and move on Temple Azarath and there is the place where Raven was birth. She have the great powers from his dad and that's why from time to time the great evil Trigon tries to take her in his mission to enslave the universe. I think that she is the powerful fighter from Teen Titans Go because she have the mystical powers from Trigon like soul-self, advanced telekinesia, telekinetic auro, teleportation, spell-casting, shield, raven attack and other mystical powers. My favorite one is Beast Boy or Garfield Mark Logan, the one who is able to transform in all the animals. He was bite in his childhood by a monkey so he contact a disease called Sakutia and if his parent wasn't scient he would have die. But they manage to make a drug that saved Best Boy but with a cost, the super powers! In the past he was the leader of a great team named Doom Patrol but after that he came into Teen Titans. All the time he jokes about everyting and he is happy, a good thing that he does is to make everybody to feel good! He have the ability to transform in what animal he want, he can shapesshifting and can communicate with animals. The last member from Teen Titans GO team is Silkie or Lava M3-19. He is Starfire's pet but in time he become Teen Titans's pet. In Teen Titans Go Games we have more characters like the other great team Titans East composed by Bumblebee, Aqualand, Speedy, Mas and Menos. We have more many heroes that fight in Jump City like Batman, Batgirl, The Woder Twins, Aquamant, Superman, The Flash and others. Like in other shows from Cartoon Network with superheroes, here we have too some Villains like the big team named H.I.V.E Five where belong Jinx, Gizmo, Mammoth, See-More and Billy Numerous. Of course here we have many other villains like Slade, Terra, Trigon, Blackfire, The Brain, Killer Moth, Mad Mod, Cpatain Cold, The Riddler, The Joker, The Man, The Penguin and others. Maybe one of the most brutal fighters that play on the villains side is Slade Joseph Wilson known as Deathstroke The Terminator. He will no give up on his dream, to stop the Teen Titnas and in particulary Robin.