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There is no reason for you not to play our amazing The Adventures of Kid Danger Games right now, all of which are games we selected and brought to you because we knew they were really fun, so if you are fans of this show, enter an amazing world, and see once again why our website is the best place to find and play online games!

The The Adventures of Kid Danger Games category was created in 18.03.2018 and from there we added more than 3 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 24 times and the best game from The Adventures of Kid Danger Games it's The Adventures of Kid Danger Monster Attack.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 21.05.2018 which it's Nickelodeon Cooking Contest.

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Welcome everyone to The Adventures of Kid Danger Games, which is our latest category of Nickelodeon Games, for which we are very happy, as we know that other websites did not even bother to create this category, since it’s games can easily be placed into the Henry Danger Games category, where you will find these as well, but we like our website to be as organized as possible, so we figured that a category of The Adventures of Kid Danger Games online would suit our website very much. Not only that, but we are positive that this is going to make it much more easier for those who are fans of this animated series, as they might only know it, or for the fans of the Henry Danger series who want to play specifically The Adventures of Kid Danger Games, and for them to be easier to find these games among the other ones, this category is going to be of great help, no doubt at all. Now, in case you have already been watching Henry Danger for these past four years during which it graced our television screens, you must be fans of this world, and were very happy when you found out that an animated spin-off for the show was going to air in 2018, and so it did, at the beginning of this year, and so far has been very well received, something for which we are not at all surprised. Now, if you are fans of these characters, you have double the adventures, which only means double the fun, and which will also mean that there are going to be even more great games for you to play in the online world, and among them, we are sure that The Adventures of Kid Danger Games are going to be some of the most popular. Like you know, Henry Danger is a live-action show with super heroes, but when it comes to television, especially that for children, the budgets are not that big, and the effects and costumes and such do not even compare to the big budget productions you have gotten used to in the past years. Well, when it comes to children’s television and super heroes, animation is definitely more suitable, which is what probably the producers of this show thought of when creating this animated spin-off. Now, through animation, the creators of Henry Danger have the chance of telling stories they would never even have thought would be possible, which is really awesome for the fans of these characters, since now they get to see them more, and in new situations, new episodes with new adventures, making everything more and more fun. Well, so far, we have seen that the show has been quite well received, so we have no doubt at all that there must be interest in these games. Now, in case you are not familiar with this franchise at all, let us give you a little bit of information. Now, the show follows Kid Danger, a super hero in training and sidekick, and his mentor Captain Man, as they face off all sorts of villains and threats in the city of Swellview, which is always put in danger by all sorts of threats, and it is only this pair of heroes and the many other friends and wacky characters in the show that can save the day. These are super hero stories aimed primarily at children and teenagers, so there are a lot of lessons to be learned, and lots of comedic moments and fun action. Now, like we previously said, The Adventures of Kid Danger Games are going to be found in the Henry Danger Games category, and there we have already added some of them, which you will now find on this page, games such as The Adventures of Kid Danger Potato Panic, Crime Travelers, Baddie Barrage, Come Out Swinging, Mind the Gap, and others. Rest assured that any time new such games are going to appear on the internet, we are going to move in very fast and make sure that we are going to bring them to you first, which we have been doing for years now, as that is only one of the many reasons why our website has become a favorite for fans from all over the world! Well, that was everything that we wanted you to know about our category of The Adventures of Kid Danger Games, so now we can only invite you to start the fun of playing them right away, having a grea time like it is possible to have only on our website, where fun never, ever stops! Come here daily, in order for you to see how many great new games we prepare for you!