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You now are on The Adventures of Napkin Man Games category of Friv Games Today, a category of games we are very happy to have created, since we believe that its games are awesome, and that everyone who tries them, fans of the show or not, are going to have a brilliant time, just like it is true for all the games we offer here for free!

The The Adventures of Napkin Man Games category was created in 30.11.2018 and from there we added more than 5 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 2 times and the best game from The Adventures of Napkin Man Games it's Ancient Artistry.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 06.12.2018 which it's The Adventures of Napkin Man Wheres That Card.

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We now invite you all over to The Adventures of Napkin Man Games category, which is the page on which you find yourself right now, and where we believe you are about to have a wonderful time with multiple amazing games that need to be checked out, especially since this is yet another category of games that cannot be found on many other websites like ours, since we have always proven that we are better, which is why new and interesting categories are being added for you all the time. Our recent decision of creating more categories that are based on programming for children seems to have paid off, as we have seen lots of interest in them, especially even more so because these are categories that are based on shows that may not air in the US, but do in countries like Canada or the UK, like it is going to be the case right now with the show that serves as inspiration for these The Adventures of Napkin Man Games you are going to be able to play here for free! Now, we are sure that some of you who are on this page are here because you have seen the show on television or the internet, and want to play games with your favorite characters, and we hope that you are going to do so right away, wasting no time at all! At the same time, the chances are that most of you have no idea about the show, as you might be from countries where it does not air, or simply did not watch it. Well, some of the members in our administrative team were like that as well, and they played and enjoyed the games a lot nonetheless, so you are invited to try them out as well, whenever you want to. Of course, before you do, if you want to, you could read this description to the end, from which you learn what the show is about, and who are its main characters, and when we are finished with that, we tell you what kinds of friv The Adventures of Napkin Man Games you will be able to find and play here for free, and we are positive that you are going to have an amazing time doing so, as you do with all the categories that we are happy to offer you here for free! Mr. Anthony is the main character of the show, a teacher who has a noble purpose, as he wants to help his students learn how to deal with their emotions. While in school, it is important to learn facts and develop your skills, we believe it is even more important to learn how to deal with your emotions, since everyone has them, and they are something we constantly have to deal with in our lives, so it is important to know how to. To do so, he does it in a really interesting and fun fashion, which is by drawing illustrations of a superhero by the name of Napkin Man, whose adventures teaches the children how to deal with those difficult emotions. This means that the presentation of the show is quite interesting as well, as it features both live-action segments, and animated ones as well, so it makes for an interesting watch. Now that you know what the show revolves around, it is time to tell you what kinds of The Adventures of Napkin Man Games online you will be able to find on this page, and we are positive that you are going to have a great time reading about them, and an even better one playing them! The category is quite a diverse one, as it is going to include memory games, animal game, skill games, puzzle games, logic games, and more, so when you play these games are going to have fun, and learn a lot of things at the same time, which makes the experience an even better one, or at least we believe so! Now that we have told you everything we wanted you to know about this show and the games it has stunned, there is nothing else that you should be doing but starting to play the games right now, and to have fun like it is possible only on our website! Remember, The Adventures of Napkin Man Games is just one category, as our website currently has hundreds, so we hope that you check them out as well, when you are done with these games, and you will see that you will be able to keep on having fun for a long time, like only here is possible!