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Welcome everyone to The Backyardigans Games category, which is an awesome category of Nick Jr Games we are very happy we created on our website, since in it you are going to able to find countless of awesome games to your liking, which we are sure you will enjoy playing, just like you usually do all of the games that we offer!

The The Backyardigans Games category was created in 01.03.2018 and from there we added more than 9 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 161 times and the best game from The Backyardigans Games it's Robin Hood The Clean.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 12.03.2018 which it's Backyardigans Memory.

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The Backyardigans Games is one of the newest categories of Nick Jr Games we are very pleased to have created for you all on our website, a website which keeps growing day by day, and the reason for that is because we keep finding new and awesome categories to create, all of which have plenty of great games for you yo give a chance to, which is why we could not have had a website without a category such as The Backyardigans Games, since this show, while it might not have new episodes being produced, has been on the air on Nick Jr for a long time, and there are still re-runs of it’s episodes all the time, meaning there are still children who watch and love these characters, children who are going to be immensly happy that on our website they can find and play The Backyardigans Games, the whole collection of them, for free! This was another reason why we created this category in the first place, as there were quite a few of these games available, but many of them scattered among all sorts of other websites, so we knew that we had to create a place to have them all, so that it is going to be more easy than ever for fans of the show to find and play their favorite The Backyardigans Games on the internet! If you do belong to that category, meaning fans of the show, then you should not bother reading this description, since you already know the story, the characters, and you love it all, right? Well, if that is the case, nothing should be holding you back from actually getting into this world and interacting with your favorite characters directly, only on our website, by playing these awesome games! On the other hand, you might have arrived to this page without ever knowing anything about this show before, but by pure curiosity. That is fine as well, quite well actually, since we can guarantee you that you can easily play these games without knowing anything about the show, which is the way that some of our staff members played the games, and still had a tremendous time. Still, you might be of the curious type, and if that is the case, we kindly invite you all to read this description to the end, as in the next part of it you are going to find out what the show is all about, who are the characters in it, and finally, you are going to learn what kinds of awesome The Backyardigans Games you get to play on our website, which is only going to peak your interest even more! Well, Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Austin, and Tasha are the names of the main characters, who are animals that speak and think like humans, and they are the age of children that are usually watching this show, making it more easy for the children to interact with this new world. Now, these characters are all best friends, and in each episode of the show they have all sorts of adventures, in their backyard, which is why the title has the name that it has. Together they do all sorts of activities, and make sure to protect their backyard from any dangers, and while watching the show, a child does not only have fun and is entertained, but at the same time they also learns all sorts of things regarding the world, interaction between people, and anything useful, which is why we believe this show has been so well received so far. Now that we have told you all about that, it is time that we are going to tell you about the games of this page, which are quite diverse and interesting, ranging from adventure games, skill games, to hidden objects games, Halloween Games, Pirate Games, puzzle games, coloring games, memory games, and more, so that there is not going to be even one moment you get bored here, and not only that, but we are sure that no matter your tastes in online games are, the chances are very high that you are going to find at least one game to your liking here, but probably even more of them! The only way to know is if you start browsing the page right now, pick a game to play, and then give it your best! When you are done with this page, remember that The Backyardigans Games is not our only category, as we have hundreds more of them, and thousands of games ready for you to try them out, so if you want to keep having fun all the time, our website is the place to come to daily, and we are sure that if you do so, you will never be disappointed!