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Come on and try out our The BFG Games right now, because only on do you have the chance to play some of the most wonderful Disney Games on the internet. The BFG Games is a category which only has very fun games, so why wait when you can start having fun right now, by playing these games!

The The BFG Games category was created in 14.06.2016 and from there we added more than 6 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 9 times and the best game from The BFG Games it's Make My Giant Name.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 08.01.2017 which it's Make My Giant Name.

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We're back on with a brand new category created for all of you, which is the most recent Disney Games category on our website, a category called The BFG Games, which is based on the latest Disney original movie which is going to start it's run in cinemas in July of 2016, and just like with all other Disney-related media, we are sure that all the children and teenagers who will be watching the film, will also want to play The BFG Games, and when they will search the internet for The BFG Games, we hope they will visit our website, because as you can see, this page is filled with many interesting The BFG Games which we hope you won't miss out on. Like we said, the film is produced by Disney, and one thing that makes the movie a must-see is the fact that the director is none other than Steven Spielberg, and the actor portraying the Big Friendly Giant is Mark Rylace, who just last year won an Oscar for a role in another Spielberg-directed movie. If you are wondering what BFG stands for, we will tell you right now, so you don't spend any more time wondering: BFG stands for Big Friendly Giant, which is the name Sophie, the main character of the movie gives to this giant. But who is he? Where does he come from? All these things and many more things about the movie and about the The BFG Games category you will find right here in this description, which we invite you to read carefully to get a clearer picture of this movie and category. The movie follows the adventures of Sophie, who was a girl from an orphanage who was kidnaped by this giant, because he heard that she was lonely, just like he is. He really needs her help, because when it comes to giants, he is an exception. The other giants are bigger than him, stronger, and more rude and mean, and they have decided to go and invade the human world. In this film, the BFG and Sophie will go on an incredible adventure where they will try to capture the giants, and stop them from fullfiling their plan. If you have seen the trailer, then you could see that Spielberg managed to create an incredible fantasy world, and that the special effects and all the colours and designs in the film are top-notch, which is what we expect from any Disney movie. Well, now that you have learnt all these things about this incredible The BFG Games category, we hope that the next thing you are going to do will be to start playing the games on this page. At the moment of this writing, in the The BFG Games category you can find and play a coloring game, a differences spotting game, and a hidden number game, all very interesting formats. After the movie starts it's run, we are sure that the number of The BFG Games will also grow. Good luck to you all at playing these games!