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The The Electric Company Games category was created in 02.08.2017 and from there we added more than 1 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 2 times and the best game from The Electric Company Games it's The Next Electric Company Star.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 03.08.2017 which it's The Next Electric Company Star.

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On you are now able to find The Electric Company Games, which is the category of PBS Kids Games on which you find yourself right now, and which up until now you could not find on any other websites providing online games for children, so we are very happy that we got to be the ones to provide this category first, since we are always trying our best to offer as much new and awesome content as possible to our users, so we have no doubt at all that these games are also going to be extremely well received. Recently we have begun adding as many categories based on shows from PBS Kids as we could, since we have seen that they are not available on that many websites, and we thought that needed a solution, since the network is pretty popular, so there must be a lot of fans of the shows on it out there. Those fans must certainly want to also play games with their favorite characters, and now they finally can do it, only here, on our website. The Electric Company Games category is bound to provide a lot of joy to all of the children who are going to play these games, which is the reason why we have created it in the first place. If you are already a fan of this show, then for you it must be just a matter of seconds before you start playing the games on this page, so we think that you should not even bother reading these next lines in the description, since you probably know all there is written there. For the rest of you, if you have never had any interaction with this show before, and you would love to learn a few things about it before you start playing these The Electric Company Games, we invite you to read the following part of the description, from where you are going to find out what is the show about, who are the characters that we are following in the show, and of course, after all of that, you are also going to find out what kinds of The Electric Company Games you will be able to play on this page. The Electric Company is a group of three teenage literacy heroes who in almost each episode have to battle vandals known as the Pranksters. The heroes reside at Electric Diner, which is the place of their friend, Shock, a beat-boxing short-order cook. The aim of the show in each episode is to teach the children that are watching it at least new five words, and in each episode you can also see and hear all sorts of hip-hop and r&b songs, which are also very important for learning the lesson provided by that episode. Who are the heroes of the show? Well, we have Hector, the oldest one, who has the power to replay anything that he sees, much like a video camera, and he is also really athletic and good at sports. Jessica is his little sister, who has the power to replay things that she hears, and she is confident yet brash at times. Lisa is liked by everyone, and can unscramble any annagram provided to her. Keith can generate images into thin air, a very useful power for explaining words that are harder. Last but not least we have Marty, who is the youngest member in the team, who is really good at maths and numbers in general. That is really all that we had to tell you about the premise of the show, so we are now going to tell you what kinds of The Electric Company Games you can expect from this page. You can expect to find on this page all sorts of skill games, adventure games, and problem-solving games, with each new game providing a new challenge in which to have fun, but learn a lot of interesting new things at the same time. Now that you have learned all of these things about the category, about the show that the category and it’s games are based upon, and of course, about the actual games that you get to play for free on this page, what are you waiting for? The next rational step for you to take is to start playing our The Electric Company Games immediately, and have a terrific time, like you get to do only here, on our website! Of course, when you are done, you are invited to check out the many other categories that we have on our website as well, and also invite your many friends over to our website as well, so that they can also find and play these really awesome The Electric Company Games we provide!