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You are now welcomed over to the The Lion King Games category on our website, where we have no doubt at all you are going to find something you like immediately, since we know that this movie has millions of fans everywhere, and even if you are not a fan, you will be able to find something enjoyable in no time at all on this page!

The The Lion King Games category was created in 28.11.2018 and from there we added more than 18 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 55 times and the best game from The Lion King Games it's The Lion King Typing.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 17.12.2018 which it's The Lion King Simba Dress Up.

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The Lion King Games is bound to become one of the most popular categories of our website in 2019, which is why we created it in the first place, in addition to the fact that we plan on bringing you lots and lots of awesome games on this page, one more awesome than the other one, since there are so many of these games currently available on the internet, that it would be a real shame if we did not also have them here. Disney is putting out one major hit after the other, and recently they have been creating more and more live-action adaptation of the animated pictures we know and love from them, and one that is bound to become a worldwide phenomenon just like the original one was is The Lion King, the 2019 live-action adaptation for which a trailer has just been released not long before this was written, and its trailer soon became the most viewed ones in the entire history of cinema, so you can see why there is so much interest in this movie. The 1994 original animated picture is still all around us, as it is available on all sorts of platforms, and in these 14 years we know for a fact that it was discovered all the time by new generations, so we imagine then when the movie is released in 2019, grandparents, parents, and children alike are going to go together to the theater to see this epic, and since this is Disney, we are positive they will not be disappointed in the least. For the animated movie there have been all sorts of games created over the years, and you can be sure that you will find them here as well, but when new games that are based upon the live-action movie will appear, you can be sure that we will be here to bring them to you as well, so stay tuned, and check out our website as often as possible! If there are a few of you out there who are not familiar with this world, although we doubt it, we are inviting you to check out the rest of this article, where we now tell you what the movie is about, some things about the main characters, and finally, we are also going to tell you what kinds of free The Lion King Games will be made available here, and we are sure you will be very happy with what you find here. Let’s get on with it, then! The movie follows Simba, a young prince of the jungle, a lion cub who learns from his father, Mufasa, the king, all sorts of things about the animal world, which is there to protect and to rule. Mufasa has an evil brother by the name of Scar, and Scar decides to get rid of his brother, and upon doing so, he makes young Simba believe he is at fault, after which the young lion goes into exile. It is there, in his self-imposed exile that the young lion learns all sorts of lessons, makes great friends, goes on adventures, and into adulthood he returns to the Pridelands, where he saves the people of the reign of his uncle Scar, who is ultimately defeated, and peace is restored in the animal world. With such an epic story like this, the amazing musical numbers, and characters that everyone falls in love with instantly, we are not at all surprised this animation is such beloved all over the world. Now that we have told you what you need to know about it, let us tell you what kinds of The Lion King Games you can expect to find on this page, and we are sure that after reading this you will hop on the chance to play them right away, as you should, actually! The category will be quite diverse, as it will include games such as adventure games, sudoku games, dress up games, hidden objects games, puzzle games, differences games, skill games, animal games, and many more, so we have no doubt at all that you will find something you like on this page, no matter what your tastes in online games usually are! Now that we have told you everything you needed to know regarding this page, nothing should be holding you back from starting to play these The Lion King Games right away, and having fun like only here is possible! When you are done with this page, don’t hesitate to check out what other cool categories of games we offer here for free, since we are positive that you will find something to your liking immediately, and keep on having fun for a long time!