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It is only on that you can play the most awesome The Lodge Games on the internet, which is what we invite you to start doing right now! We are pretty sure you will enjoy playing any of our The Lodge Games, because that is also true to all the other games here, where you can always have the most fun time ever!

The The Lodge Games category was created in 21.09.2016 and from there we added more than 9 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 50 times and the best game from The Lodge Games it's The Lodge Check-In Challenge.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 10.04.2017 which it's The Lodge Characters Puzzle.

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The Lodge Games is the latest category of Disney Channel Games that we have created for you all on our website right now, knowing that very soon, a great number of children and teenagers from the United Kingdom and from Canada are going to search the internet for these games, and we want them to be able to find them right away, right here, on our website, which is the first website for online games to create this new category of 2016 games! Categories of games that are based upon musical-teen dramas just like this one is are usually very popular, so we are pretty sure that the same is going to be true for the The Lodge Games category as well! Who does not like music, and drama too? Children and teenagers sure love them, just like they like to play online games, and if they want to play games based on one of their favorite series, we want them to be able to, which is why we were so fast to create this category. The fact that we can already add The Lodge Games for you to play made us hurry even more, and we are sure that our decision is going to be appreciated by a very big number of you all. Now, for fans outside of the UK and Canada, who have not yet gotten the chance to see the show, but are curious about it and would also like to play the games, we invite you to keep reading the description, where next up we are going to provide you with all the information you need, so that you won't be left in the dark one more second. The show follows Skye, who has to move from the big city to a village in Northen Ireland, where together they will manage a family-owned hotel, North Star. She has to deal with making new friends, but manages to build new relationships, and becomes more and more attached to the country hotel. So, when the hotel is on the brink of closure, she and her friends need to work together to stop that from happening, and keep their wonderful place intact. With the added flavor provided by the musical numbers in the show, we are positive that it is soon going to become one of UK's most watched series amongst teens and children, which will only make our category of The Lodge Games even more popular. You will get to play North Star Games which so far include a very interesting memory game, but the category will definitely grow over time, and more games, like puzzle games, differences games, or bejeweled games are going to be added here, and we are pretty sure you are going to enjoy each and every one of them! Now that we have reached the end of the description, we finish things by inviting you to play The Lodge Games on our website once again, because we don't want you to miss out on such a great experience that these games provide!