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The The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog Games category was created in 17.03.2017 and from there we added more than 1 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 56 times and the best game from The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog Games it's The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 18.03.2017 which it's The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog.

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The administrative team of welcomes you all to the page of The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog Games category, which is only one of the many amazing categories of games we have created over time on our website, where we always make sure to bring you the best new games on the internet, because we know very well that you visit our website to look for them, since you know that we always bring them to you. Another reason why so many people come here, and why our website is different from the many others out there is the fact that we do our best to find as many animated or live-action shows as possible, and bring games based upon them on our website, many of them not being available anywhere else, so we have a lot of content that is exclusive to our website, and which we trust is very welcome. Well, you now find yourself on the page of the The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog Games category, which is a category which so far you could not have found anywhere else, so we are excited to be the first website to share these games with you all, because there must be many fans of the show out there, who might have been disappointed they could not have found these games before. Well, that is until now, since we have done our best to create this category, making sure that the fans of this show will never be disappointed again, and so they could have a lot of fun with some of their favorite characters, in the best place to do it, which is our website! Yes, we are aware of the fact that this animated series might not be the most mainstream one, and did not become a huge hit overnight, as it only ran for one season, and it did mostly in France and Canada, as it was a co-production between companies in these two countries. Still, in the countries that it aired, it must have made a few fans, and it might still be doing so with their re-runs, so there must still be plenty of people who want to play The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog Games. Then again, the fact that you might not have seen this show before should not hold you back from playing these games, because we really believe that you can play games on our website without knowing the source material. The games are pretty-much standalone, and they are always explained in their description, so there is no way you won't do good at them. We also create these descriptions for categories, where we inform you about the plot and characters of the show, and in the end, we also talk about the games. Well, the same is going to happen now with The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog Games, so we invite you to read this description, and when you are done with it, wait no time at all, but begin playing amazing The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog Games only on our website, because we are positive you won't regret it! Like many animated series before it, this one also features talking animals, these animals being mostly from the woods, like raccoons, hedgehogs, moose, or voles. The main characters of the show are three pre-teens, Alfred Hedgehog, Milo Skunk and Camille Wallaby, who spend their days around Gnarly Woods, where they do their best to solve many interesting mysteries. Alfred, the main character, is the leader of his group, who solve many mysteries that most of the time have to do with the natural world or science. He loves to play sports, and has a black belt in karate. Camille is friendly, generous, but sometimes in a real hurry. Milo jokes even in the direst of situations, and he is the one with the bigger imagination of the group. Together, with their three different personalities, they do their best to solve mysteries, and always have a really good time doing so, like you do watching them as well. Now, because of our website, you can stop watching, and start doing something yourself, because by playing The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog Games on our website, you can get inside on the action, and help the gang solve the mysteries. The only game in the category let's you do exactly that, immersing yourself into this amazing world, and discovering new and fun stuff to do all of the time. We are sure that you are going to find the time spent with the games in this category a wonderful one, so we hope you are also going to tell all of your friends about this category, so that they can also find and play these amazing The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog Games, only on our website!