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A new show from Disney Channel is making his way to our hearts. If you like to dance this is gonna be your favorite show from Disney cause here we have break dancers, ballerines, contemporary dancers and others!

The The Next Step Games category was created in 06.03.2016 and from there we added more than 8 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 262 times and the best game from The Next Step Games it's The Next Step Culture Shock.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 23.08.2016 which it's The Next Step Tetris.

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Are you ready for dance? We hope so because we are back with a new category games just for our players named The Next Step Games, a cateogory that cames from Disney Channel, a show where some girls and boys show us how to dance better and how dreams come true! In the show is all about the competition and in the new season of the show all have to work really hard to win the National Championship. The boys have to make a perfect balance between individual performance and team efforts. I think that you will just love this new game category. If you are a fan you know that we add some good informations about the show like a short brief of all the main characters. The first girl is Michelle, a dancer that came from a little city and have to struggle with a powerfull opponent named Emily. She will be the captain of the team in the new season. It's very intresting the relasionship between Michelle and Eldon, Emily's boyfrined because we see that they love each other. But for more fun Hunter will came and make things more complicated. Emily was the lastest captain of the team but she lose the battle with Michelle. She is a very competitive girl but now she is in a big dilemma, she will lose Eldon for Michelle? She is a contemporary dancer and have some really good moves and that's why she was caption at E-Girls. In The Next Step Studio we have Riley the younger sister of Emily and a contemporary dancer too. She is altmost the top level of dancers and she make a loveble couple with James but things gonna changes because Beth, the ex of James will come in the team. We will try for you to make some good games with The Next Step Games because we know that online gaming will be better if we will come with new and interesting games for our players. The next character is Chloe, an really good ballet dancer who have some problems with her financial problmes. It's very hard for her to be so good because she have a part-time job for paying the taxes. She is almost at the point to quite dancing but Emily will help her. Amanda is a great dancer, very focused and a big enemy for Elite School. She have to do some hard test for staying in the team, she will do good? One of the most beautiful girls from the team is Thalia, a new member that is selected by Emily. Tiffany was a very good friend of Emily until when she decided that Michelle is more qualifed for the post of caption for the team. Kate is the owner of The Next Dance Studio and she consider that all the dancers from the show ar part of her family. In The Next Step games you will find among girls a group of boys that are very talented. The first boy in the team is Eldon, the best dancer from The Next Step Studios. She is the ex boyfriend of Emily and the new boyfriend of Michelle so he will fight between two loveble girls. James is a very good break dancer and he is cool and funny all the time. He is very charming so he have a lot of girls that likes him, but just one makes a way to his heart, Riley. Daniel is the single ballet dancer from the group and he is not interesting in the battles between members of the group, he just dance. West is a calm and cool dancer that have all the time some aces in his hand. One of the most incredible dancer is Hunter the boy that is in a big competition for Michelle's heart. We just finished with some good informations about the characters from The Next Step. We hope that you liked to read this kind of informations and after that to play our games. Let's dance!