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In The Other Kingdom Games category you will play with Astral, a fairy princess who poses as a high-school foreign exchange student, who wants to live in the human world. Together with other characters like Devon, Hailey or Morgan, we are sure that you will enjoy all our The Other Kingdom Games, which you should start playing right now!

The The Other Kingdom Games category was created in 19.05.2016 and from there we added more than 4 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 22 times and the best game from The Other Kingdom Games it's The Other Kingdom: Which Character Are You?.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 05.09.2016 which it's Princess Astral Puzzle.

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The Other Kingdom Games is the latest Nickelodeon Games category created for, where you can expect all your favorite games to be added, because we keep our website updated so that all the new series on television get games categories. We know that this is important for fans of the shows, as they would also like to play games with these characters, and we are pretty sure that the fans of The Other Kingdom show are very excited that they now found a place where they can play all their favorite The Other Kingdom Games online, for free, at any time and place! We have also seen some episodes of The Other Kingdom, and we found the show delightful, which is why we knew that we had to also add the The Other Kingdom Games category, and you can be sure that we will try our hardest to fill the category with as many The Other Kingdom Games as possible, so that you will have many games to choose from, and so that you will have a lot of fun all the time! The show premiered on 10th of April, 2016, and at the moment of the writing of this description, the show and the The Other Kingdom Games category are rather new, which is why we want to continue this article by showcasing the premise of the show, some of the characters in it, and also, talk a little about what kind of The Other Kingdom Games you will have here, so that you get a full picture of the category. After you are done reading all these, all you have to do is to start scrolling up, select any of the games you see on the page, and start playing it! The show focuses on Fairy Princess Astral, who is a fairy princess living in a fairy world. While human girls would love to get to live in a magical world of fairies, our princess wants desperately to live in the human world, with which she is fascinated. So, she leaves the fairy world, takes cover as an foreign exchange student, and starts to attend high-school in the human world, where she has a lot to learn about making new friends, and things like selfies, get used to our food, our traditions and our culture. She lives with Devon, who unlike Astral, wants to keep a low profile, and is a shy and awkward boy. Hailey wants to be the most popular and powerpuf girl in the school, which is why she studies hard and does her best in everything, and as she is inteligent, she can sense that Astral is hiding something. Morgan is Astral's best friend, who loves and knows many things about fairies, and she also has a crush on Devon. These characters and many others, humans or fairies, are central to the The Other Kingdom Games category, as you will find them in all the games. First of all, you should try out our quiz game where you can find which character you resemble most from the show, and afterwards, stay tuned to, you you are the first to discover all the new The Other Kingdom Games!