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We are sure you will love playing The Pooches Games, here on our website, which is why we have created this great category. It can also be called Barboskiny Games, by it's original title in russian. There are many great The Pooches Games which you should play right now, which is what we hope you will dor right now!

The The Pooches Games category was created in 18.06.2016 and from there we added more than 12 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 37 times and the best game from The Pooches Games it's Sailor Grandpa Puzzle.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 30.06.2016 which it's The Pooches Fishing.

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It's high time you met The Pooches here on, where you now have the chance to play wonderful The Pooches Games, or Barboskiny Games, which is the other title that this series of cartoons and of games is known by. Why there are two titles? Well, The Pooches is a show coming from Russia, where it's original title is Barboskiny, and it is a very popular show over there, that is getting more and more known to english-speaking audiences as well, and we are very thrilled to be able to offer The Pooches Games on our website, so that all the fans of the show, whether they know it in English or come from Russia can play and enjoy them, and have a lot of fun interacting with their favorite characters. With this new category, we prove once again that is a website that is made for audiences from over the world, not only from the United States, but from everywhere in the world. Of course, if the The Pooches Games weren't fun and interesting, we wouldn't have added them, as our website only wishes to add great content, and we want all the games here to be of high-quality. Well, enough about us, so let's go on to telling you more about The Pooches, the wonderful characters in the show and about the great Barboskiny Games which you will be able to find on this page. Now, we think that from the word pooch from the title, you have realised that the characters in the games and in the show are a family of dogs. Of course, we have a mother and a father, and a lot of wonderful children, each with his own personality, dreams and life, making their daily life very interesting to watch, and we are sure you will also enjoy playing games with them. The father spends a lot of time on his laptop, and the mother still has dreams of becoming a great stage star. Now, let's get on to the five children. We have Foxi, who wants to become a pop star, Patch, who wants to become a great football player, or Roxi, who is a blond girl with a great taste in fashion. Einstein, honoring his name, is the smartest of the group, who is a true genius, and then we have Pup, who is the youngest of the children, and he is loved by all of them. It does not matter that they are dogs, because the children are just like all other children living in the modern world, so in the show you will see their daily lives, trying to communicate with adults, having fun, going to school, and maturing right in front of our eyes. We hope that with all that we have written here, we have convinced you of how great the The Pooches Games on our website are. That is why we hope that you will start playing The Pooches Games right now, only on!