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Right now we invite you all to try out our Thomas and Friends Games, as we have done our best to gather up all of the games based on this show that were out there, and bring them to you for free! There is no way you won't enjoy playing Thomas and Friends Games, so start right now, and let the fun begin!

The Thomas and Friends Games category was created in 21.02.2017 and from there we added more than 38 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 1859 times and the best game from Thomas and Friends Games it's Track Repair.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 04.07.2019 which it's Thomas and Friends Jigsaw 2.

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We here at are always doing our very best to create as many amazing categories as we can, which is why you are able to find on our website the Thomas and Friends Games category, which is yet another category of games that we have created based off a series airing on PBS Kids, but not only on this network, since the series originates from Britain, having started to air way back in 1984, and since then, the series has been running all over the world, in many, many new formats all the time, so we have no doubt that almost everyone who is now reading this description and finds themselves on this page, know the show, and have probably arrived here looking specifically for Thomas and Friends Games, which we now gladly offer to everyone, for free! If by chance, you have not seen the show yet, and maybe even didn't know about it, then trust us, you should stick with us, because you are in for a treat, and we are sure that Thomas and Friends Games can be played even by those who do not know the show without a problem in the world, since the games work as stand-alone experiences, and are all really awesome to play. Now, we are sure that this category of game is going to satisfy a certain demographic very much, which is: lovers of trains. Those who love trains, have definitely heard about the show, since the show and the toy sets with the same name have been a very important promoter of trains all over the world, so that children who watch the show, learn and get interested in trains from a young age. So, if you love trains, then the train games you will encounter in the Thomas and Friends Games category are definitely going to be to your liking, and you will enjoy each one of them. There are many things that have contributed to the popularity of the show, which is obvious, since it has been airing on our television screens for decades, and we are going to use the space we have in this description to put you up to date with all of the reasons why this series is a beloved one, and hopefully, if you are not yet sure if you want to play Thomas and Friends Games on our website or not, we hope that by the time you have finished reading this description, playing the games is going to be the only thing that you will want to do. The setting of the show is the ficitional Sodor Island, and the thing that has made the show unique is the fact that it follows a group of anthropomorphised locomotives, but also other road vehicles as well. If you don't know this word, anthropomorphised, then we can tell you that this means that the locomotives that you see in the show think, act, talk, just like human things would do, which is one of the main appeals of this show. The main character of the show is Thomas, a tank engine, who is blue, and has the number 1 painted on him. He is the one we follow the most in the show, but there are multiple of other locomotives and vehicles, which always seem to get themselves into all sorts of situations, interesting to see for use, which are not only entertaining, but they are also educational, which we are certain has made parents and children alike very fond of the show. Through the show, we learn a lot about humans, even though we see trains. Interesting, right? Do you know what else is very interesting? Playing Thomas and Friends Games on our website, of course! We are now going to tell you some things about the games on this page, so make sure you keep reading if you are interested. You will play train driving games, where you take Thomas or other engines and drive them on the tracks to their destination. You will find logic games, coloring games, train building games, coloring games, or memory games. No matter what games you choose to play from this description, we are positive that you are going to find them interesting, and have lots of fun playing each and every one of them. Well, you should wait no more, but start playing the wonderful Thomas and Friends Games we have on this page right now, and let the fun begin, like you can only do on our website! When you are done playing these games, remember that we have plenty of other categories on our website, where you are going to find lots of other great games to play, as you can have lots and lots of fun on our website!