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Thor Games are very fun Marvel Games no fans of Super Heroes Games should miss out on, so browse this page right now, and any Thor Games that catch your eyes, play them immediately! You will save the world in so many ways, and do so many fun stuff, so waste no time at all, but start playing right now!

The Thor Games category was created in 06.06.2017 and from there we added more than 13 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 61 times and the best game from Thor Games it's The Defense of Asgard.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 27.12.2017 which it's Avengers: Global Chaos.

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Thor Games is a special category of Marvel Games and Super Heroes Games we have created for our website, which Marvel Super Heroes Games fans are definitely going to enjoy, since Thor is one of the most important and most popular heroes in Marvel’s catalogue at the moment, especially when we are talking about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is now at the fore-front of live-action super hero movies, and since in 2017 we are going to have a brand new game in the franchise, Thor: Ragnarok, we decided that it would be a great time for us to create this category of Thor Games, since we know for a fact that many children are going to become more interested in playing these games after watching the movie, and since we have found some really awesome games with Thor on the internet that we would like to share with you, we could not resist creating it. If the way that you ended up on this page was by searching for the best place to offer Thor Games on the internet, then you can be happy since you need to look no further, as our website is definitely the best place to find and play these games, like we think is the case with any other category we have for that matter. Whether or not you are a fan of Thor, you should still check the games out, since even if you do not necessarily like the character, the games still remain stand-alone awesome games to play, and each one is easy to be played, especially if you read the descriptions and learn how to, so there is no way for you not to enjoy your time playing these games, as we are trying our best to offer you an amazing experience. Up next, we are going to want to talk some more about the super hero, especially to help those who are not familiar with him, and after that we are also going to dwelve into the Thor Games that we are produly offering on our website, because many of you must be curious about what kind of content is available, and in which ways you can have fun. Trust us when we say that you will not be disappointed. Thor is a humanoid alien from the planet of Asgard, where he is a prince, as he is the son of Odin, the ruler of the planet, and has a brother named Loki. In the first movie we find out that Loki is not his actual brother, but the adopted one, and while Loki becomes a villain, Thor comes to Earth, exiled from his planet, where he gets his hammer back, defeats a monster, returning to Asgard to deal with his brother Loki. The adventure of Thor continue in Thor: Dark World, where a race of evil aliens invade the Earth, so only he, together with the help of his love interest Jane can defeat them. In Thor: Ragnarok, the third and final solo Thor movie, our hero is held captive on a planet where he has to be a gladiator who has to fight with the Hulk, and escape from there, because Hela, the villain, is threatening to destroy Asgard. Of course, other than that, we see the hero in the two Avengers movies, where he helps the team defeat the likes of Loki and Ultron, and he is set to come back for Infinity War as well, where together they will face none other than Thanos. Because of him being part of the team, there will be games with him in the Avengers Games category as well. As for our Thor Games, they can range from action games, adventure games, lego games, to more simple ones like differences games, hidden objects games, skill games, or even puzzle solving games. What we recommend you do right away is browse this page full of Thor Games we have added for you, and find the one you are most interested in playing, and something tells us that when you play it, you are going to have a really amazing time, just like we did when we played all of these games! You need to remember that our website will always be the best place for you to find the newest games on the internet, and whenever you feel like playing some awesome Thor Games, do not hesitate to visit us, since there is no other place where you could find games better than these ones. We have now told you everything that we wanted to about this category, so what you have to do next is start playing these games, and see whether or not they are for you, but something tells us that they are, and you will have a great time!